We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

Meetings, Workshops and Activities

Meetings and workshops. 

There's plenty happening and plenty coming up - enjoy!

19 May ASV committee meeting. 

Our committee meetings always go accompanied with wine and (gf) pizza or nibbles ( and a bit of social chatting )  .  Everyone is invited to attend, as it is a great way to share ideas, and get to know what the association is about, what we do,  how we do it, and why.  And where input may be needed.  We are sure there are some great ideas out there that just don’t reach us.  

Come along, either in person, or zoom in.  The agenda will be sent out in the week before, so any ideas, send them to John! 


Jon Eiseman an established bronze sculptor has agreed to talk to us about his practice.

You will be notified of date and venue as soon as we can. 

Jon Eiseman’s  sculptures extend beyond the physical, encompassing notions of time spirituality and emotion. His sculptures are figurative and have a whimsical and poetic quality in which the common man -often represented as a suited figure or solitary head- is fused with iconic symbols of a vessel, fish, bird, tower, flag or ladder to suggest contemplation, humour and internal struggle. Drawn from the shadow world of dream and the inner landscape of the unconscious his work creates an intriguing open-ended sense of narrative.


Once again Meridian Sculpture Foundry are sponsoring the Annual and Awards Exhibition with a donation of a Full Enrolment Workshop voucher which includes the casting of the piece made in the workshop.  Meridian are keen to see people getting back into classes and to see the art industry recovering. Their next workshop will be run 19th & 20th June. ASV members get $100 discount on Full Enrolments

Meridian Foundry now has a custom built centrifuge. This was built for a specific project to enable them to cast  sections that are larger than standard with intricate detail. It is believed to be the only foundry with this capability

"Meridian has custom built and engineered a large centrifuge casting machine for complex works up to 280mm x 180mm x 180mm with extremely fine and intricate section widths, down to 0.5mm. 3D Printed parts and most combustible materials can be cast in this fashion also”

This is all very exciting. More can be seen on a blog post on the meridian website   Centrifuge Cast Bonsai — Meridian Sculpture

Feel free to get in touch at this address if you would like to know more.    jade@meridiansculpture.com


Visit to Pig and Chisel Studio

pig and Chisel
image Betty Knight
Image Jude Bridges Tull

A big thank you to generous hosts and creatives Aukje and Arthur van Vark for opening their studios for visiting sculptors from Bentleigh to Bendigo and in between.  On arrival we were welcomed by an introduction to their very friendly resident dogs, pigs, guinea fowls and horses . We then wandered down the dirt track to their individual studios. Walking through these creative spaces was not only informative but also a sensuous experience with wax or wood aromas wafting combined with the pleasure of viewing sculptures at different stages of development. Many questions were eagerly asked and answered . Practical and lighter plinth possibilities were also demonstrated by Arthur . We were then treated to a delicious BBQ beside the pond and  had shared conversations to the background sound of frogs . A wonderful and inspiring day!!

Image Jude Bridges Tull

Thanks to Jude Bridges Tull for this report

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