We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

Acting President's Message February 2009

In the week following Saturday, February 15, Jenny Rickards on her own initiative extracted a list of 11 members living in areas likely to be affected by bushfires, and circulated it. I have made calls to all, plus one other, to ascertain if they have been directly affected, and whether they needed any help. In 11 cases I was able to speak to the members or a near relative. Three reported that they were not at risk. Eight reported fires had been close by, and in some cases they had been saved by a wind change. Five had to leave their houses for a day, and one had been unable to leave. No one had lost their house. All were safe and are prepared for further bad fire days, and have alternative accommodation possibilities. Several quoted the generous help available, and all appreciated the support.

The Herring Island exhibition has been successful in displaying our work to an appreciative audience as well as returning an estimated surplus for the ASV with six items sold. The exhibition had to be closed on the final Saturday due to closure of Victorian national parks.

Michael Meszaros gave a fascinating review of the development of his work over time at the first monthly meeting of members of the year on 13 February. What I particularly enjoyed were the explanations of the background and underlying concepts for his work. It is all very well to say “Let the viewer put his own interpretation on my work”, but the result may be a total lack of understanding, which is a shame if effort has been put into a key idea or concept. Michael’s explanations enable the viewer to share his concepts, ideas, and humour. Subsequent discussion with him disclosed how everything is carefully planned, including checks with the foundry and basic critical path techniques on larger works. He has deliberately targeted reliability, and asserts he has never exceeded an agreed budget or missed an agreed deadline.

Members are reminded of the forthcoming Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, coordinated this year by Patrick Culshaw, and asked to contribute their works to this exciting outdoor exhibition.

Geoff Williams, Acting President

We do know that Bruno Torfs' Sculpture Garden in Marysville was pretty much destroyed in the fire – a great loss amongst losses. Ed.

ASV Diary Dates

Meetings are held in the Boroondara Community Arts Room, rear 360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn and start at 7:30pm.

Monthly Meeting 11th March

Robert Lee will speak about installations.

1st to 5th April

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

No monthly meeting in April

Monthly Meeting 13th May

talk by Graeme Wilkie about Qdos Gallery, Lorne and his big, wood fired kiln.

Annual Exhibition 2009

This year the annual exhibition will be held at Manningham Gallery, 699 Doncaster Road, Doncaster from 15th to the 31st July. Entries close on 5th June – stand by for further details.


At the end of last year a number of changes were made to the constitution in a major overhaul aimed at correcting some anomalies, simplifying the document and the administration of the association.

Concern has been expressed by some members about the new Membership clause. In particular who can and cannot be a full member. The committee has been asked to investigate options with a view to putting alternatives to the Membership.

A number of submissions have been received, some were thought too difficult to administer, and others were withdrawn after discussion with the proposer.

The Committee believes that two options are viable and wish to have an indication from members as to which they prefer. A formal notice will be sent out shortly detailing the options and the voting procedure.

When this is done a detailed “change of Constitution” motion will be prepared for voting on at a Special General meeting in May.

It may be that you are happy with the new constitution, in which case you would need to vote against the motion at the Special Meeting.

Patrick Culshaw

Herring Island Exhibition Report

The ASV exhibition on Herring Island benefits enormously from being part of the Summer Arts Festival –
  • there is the clear advantage of being part of a continuous program so that people know that there are art exhibitions on the island for the whole of the summer.
  • We share the effort and expenses of printing invitations, paying for advertising and distributing the flyers.
  • The festival is so successful that negotiations with Parks Victoria become easier every year as they realise the value that the festival gives them and the state.
This year the sculpture exhibition included the Australia Day weekend. The Australia Day council publicises the program on Herring Island over the weekend and we did receive visits from people who found out about the festival from their website and other publicity. However numbers were down on previous years when the sitters lost track after 250 visitors. To some extent this is a good thing because in previous years there have been queues for the punt and overcrowding in the gallery. It is likely that there was so much else on over the weekend that Herring Island missed being part of the main buzz. Usually all the participating groups run demonstration events in the courtyard for Australia Day – however this year there were three groups represented: Janet Matthews and Vida Pearson for the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia, Charlie Solomon for the Koorie Heritage Trust and Jenny Rickards for the ASV.
The Preview Cruise did not go ahead – advertising was late, it was much too expensive to get many artists along and Melbourne River Cruises failed to attract outside patrons. I'll have discussions with MRC later to see if we can revive this pleasant event.
The opening was on the Saturday afternoon and we sold four works then and a further two on Sunday. Unfortunately this was the total of our sales. Selling artists were: Bronwyn Culshaw, Magdalena Dmowska, Gillian Govan, Jan Indrans and Lise Toft. Visitors were deterred by hot weather – neither of the two subsequent Saturdays gave us visitors and indeed the park was closed on the 7th February due to the extreme conditions. The last two Sundays brought reasonable numbers of appreciative and interested visitors.
21 sculptors entered the show – 20 finally contributing a great exhibition of 43 works. Particular thanks to Michael for working magic with the set up, for Patrick for administrative and treasury support, to Gillian for not only sourcing the wine and soft drinks but being the tower of strength in hospitality coordination, to all the sculptors for sitting, contributing and supporting – it was a great show. The bush fires did have an impact with one sculptor unable to collect work, and one sitting in spite of her son losing home and property.
Images will be on the ASV website – soon.
HISAF Coordinator Jenny Rickards
works shown here are: Michael Meszaros's"Bushfire" and Mark Cowie's "Blood of Eden"

Opportunities for Sculptors

The City of Hobart is inviting artists to enter for an acquisitive prize for sculpture of $15,000. There is another prize for drawing of the same amount and there is a non acquisitive prize of $7500 as well. Info can be got at www.hobartcity.com.au/artprize . Entries have to be in by 27th Feb

Deakin University is also offering an acquisitive prize for sculpture - more details next newsletter

A Celebration of Kevin Free

I am sure many members know or have heard of Kevin Free. Kevin has been a long standing member of the Association and the mainstay of our demonstrations to the public at our many exhibitions, but I am wondering how many know of the depth of Kevin’s work and experience.
Kevin started sculpting after his landscaping business and nursery ended in our previous major drought in 1983. He has been a full time sculptor since then. He has had a long involvement with trees and conservation.
Kevin works a lot with salvaged timber to create pieces which respect and transcend the natural form, figure and grain of this endlessly absorbing material.
By contrast, Kevin’s work in coralline limestone shows bold exploration of abstract and semi-abstract form.
Kevin has represented Australia in several overseas sculpture symposiums – 2001 in Lebanon, 2002 – New Zealand, 2003/5/7 /9 – Mount Gambier, 2008 Warwick, Q’ld and 2008 Barossa Valley.
Kevin has travelled widely as sculpting tutor for community groups and events, festivals. Consultant to Tasmanian Community Arts Project: Hidden Caves, Common Ground at Gunns Plains 2000. Arts Victoria R.A.D. project New Boundaries, Ararat Regional Gallery 2001 – schools/community partnership, linking three rural council areas. Art Therapy project Sharing the Journey, Oncology Unit East Grampians Health Service, 2006. Glenormiston Winter Craft School 9WS 7 W) SCULPTING TUTOR, 1977/2008. Demonstrated sculpting for ASV display at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show annually.
Kevin has also been an Artist in Schools – running sculpting programs in Primary and Secondary Schools, and T.A.F.E’s, throughout city and country Victoria, and Mt Isa (Qld). Community and Schools Artist for Whittlesea Council’s Redgum Project, 1998-2000. Geelong Grammar Year Ten Arts Week tutor 1997-2007. Kevin has run programmes in 60 schools from 1994-2008.
His Committee work has involved being President/Chair, over 15 years with Community Learning, Ararat Regional Gallery.

Apart from all this Kevin has had time to exhibit in many exhibitions from 1990-2009. In 1996 he opened his own Showroom and Sculpture Garden at his home in Landsborough where he holds an Annual Exhibition for regional artists in his studio. 2009 will be the 18th year of this event which now involves multiple activities throughout the town.
Kevin is slowing down this year and finding the travel a bit much – so his work will be restricted to areas nearer to his home. We are, however, fortunate that he will still be coming down to Melbourne this year to demonstrate at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show.
The ASV is very lucky to have had Kevin’s support and involvement over the past ....years and should be very proud to have him as a member.
Bronwyn Culshaw

MIFGS 2009

The MIFGS co-ordinator apologises for the mistake on the application forms where the dates for sitting were incorrect. It is of course Wed 1st April ...etc.
There has been a good response from members and non members and we should have as many exhibits as last year. Deborah Halpern has agreed to be our Judge. Formal acceptance letters will go out in approx 2 weeks time.
There will be the usual Function at La Notte in Lygon St on Wed 1st April
Please advise Patrick if you are coming $10.00 a head.
Non exhibitors who want extra invitations should contact Patrick Culshaw (9857 9153).

News and Events

NAVA's newsletter has been full of important information – progress on resale royalties, the code of conduct for working with children, marketing workshops and the formation of a design coalition – joining the interests of architecture, urban, landscape and interior design, product and graphic design, fashion and visual arts, craft and new media.

Helen Clancy and Sue McCall will be showing painting and sculpture Celebrating Diversity at Cotham Gallery 101, 101 Cotham Road Kew from 12th March to 2nd April – as Helen says Always hoping the sculptures are not reduced to a charred crumbling mess by then.”

And from Janet Cameron:

Good news is I put in a submission to enter "Art in the Conservatory: Lighting up Bendigos Icons" they; only chose two regional artists and guess what? yep I got in and will have work in the Conservatory during the Easter Festival - think the date is something like the 9th to the 14th of April this year. I note that the City of Greater Bendigo will provide insurance of the work throughout the Festival. Will also get $500 toward costs. Now I just have to get cracking and make this sculpture.

All the Best Janet J Cameron

Rudi Jass is putting on a solo exhibition at Axia Modern Art from17 February to 08 March 2009 – more information at http://www.axiamodernart.com.au/exhibitions/steel-stone/

Suzanne Kaldor has finally obtained her permit to open her Studio – Gallery. So far there is teaching 3 days a week and the Gallery is open from Thursday till Sunday. ASV members are invited to celebrate with Suzanne on Saturday 21st March from 12 to 5pm at 1/11 Hall Mark Road Mordialloc. There will be coffee/ tea and nibbles.

And also - Finally after 18 month of haggling we got our permit to officially open our Gallery space! Our first exhibition starts at the 26th of March and closes on the 8th of April. Painting by Bibi Osterrmark and Sculpture by me, Suzanne Kaldor. We are figurative artists and our topic represents every day life. Come and see Us! You may be interested to have an Exhibition in our Space.

Kind regards Suzanne

Jean Carson Gray
is showing painting and sculpture at:
Chapel-on-Station Gallery on the corner of Station St and Ellingworth Pde, Box Hill from:
26th February to 11th March. Gallery hours are:
Tues - Fri 11:30 am -3 pm Saturday:1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Sunday: 4.30 pm - 7.00 pm
Abbotsford Convent is celebrating its 5th Birthday - Rough Diamond :: Convent Cornucopia 2009 is the Annual Gala Fundraising Event produced by the Abbotsford Convent Foundation (ACF) – a not-for-profit organisation responsible for the development of a community-owned arts, culture and learning precinct. Convent Cornucopia is held every year on 24 April (Anzac Eve) – the date that ‘the keys’ to the Convent were handed over to the ACF following a remarkable seven year battle to save the Abbotsford Convent site from inappropriate development.
This year, The Abbotsford Convent is celebrating her 5th birthday as a community-owned cultural asset. A rare gem, The Abbotsford Convent is a grand old dame albeit tarnished with age and worn by time. She has a dazzling future as a beacon of diverse cultural activity – community life at its palpable, beautiful best. Defined by shared cultural nurturing and learning of changing moods and big personalities, she is a rough diamond.
Convent Cornucopia 2009 is the unique Abbotsford Convent experience – a rare opportunity to see her all lit up and dressed up … with the promise of a good time. In contrast to her controversial and stoic past, Convent Cornucopia 2009 offers a revelatory (and possibly more than a little risqué) opportunity to mingle amongst the shared memories with old (and new) friends.
To book or for further information contact Abbotsford Convent Ph. 9415 3600 info@abbotsfordconvent.com.au

LIMESTONE FOR SALE: ( Dimensions in cm)

Number Length Width Height Price

4 66 29 24 $12

3 66 29 15 $6

10 66 29 10 $5

1 37 29 24 Free

1 36 29 10 Free

1 66 25 10 Free (cracked)

Available @ 167 Canterbury Road, Blackburn
Ring Valerie or David 9877 2673
Friends of Bronwyn Culshaw

New Members

This month we welcome four new members:
Gordon Robertson, Brett Davies, Kay Salehi and Nicole Allen