We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.


Valda from her Instagram page
Congratulations to Valda Cuming for being awarded an OAM for her service to the Visual Arts.

Valda has been a member of the Association of Sculptors of Victoria since the late 80’s and an active committee member until 2002 having been President from 1992-3 and Vice President and Exhibition coordinator for many years, involved in setting up and manning many exhibitions.

She was awarded Honorary Life membership of the Association in 2013 and has won our Margaret Gunnersen William Hoggan Thomas Award, most recently in 2010. 

Diary Dates

Coming up at Collins Square we have the Annual & Awards Exhibition - invitations will be available soon and we’ll see you on Wednesday 31st July for our special celebration of the exhibition and presentation of the prizes. 

See you there!

Also, subject to change, we may have a talk by Carl Lutz in September tapping into his extensive experience in the woodworking world. Plus we are considering artist floor talks at the Annual & Awards exhibition - our greatest resource is our membership!

Entries are in for the ASV Annual & Awards Exhibition 2019.

Entries have now been received and will be reviewed shortly.

Drasko Boljevic "Baby"
A huge thanks to all the sculptors that entered into this great exhibition. This year it is a smaller exhibition at Collins Square. It is always good to see all the new sculptures that have been created. Well done to all.

The June Meeting - Alexander Calder

Wed !2th was a cold, wet and windy day so what better than to have our June meeting at the bright, warm and stimulating NGV St. Kilda Rd.

At 1.30pm we were taken on a conducted tour of Alexander Calder’s exhibition. Our excellent guide gave us some background story of his life.

His parents were both artists. His father created sculptures of notable people in the mode of the day, and his mother was a portrait painter. They encouraged Sandy (as he was known) in his creativity by giving him the windowed basement of the house as his studio. With some copper wire and a pair of pliers, he began creating small pieces. We saw some of the pieces he made as gifts for his family and others.

Tesselaar Sculpture Prize 2019

The call is out for sculptors to enter the 2019 Tesselaar Sculpture Prize, a $20,000 acquisitive prize. The competition and exhibition will be conducted during the famous annual Tesselaar Tulip Festival in Silvan over September and October, attended by 90,000 people.

The late John Wooller (past ASV president) and I initiated the Tesselaar Sculpture Prize in 2008 as an opportunity for ASV members and other sculptors to exhibit their works in a uniquely wonderful setting. The Prize has gifted more than $150,000 to sculptors since its inception and generated income for the Association.

Having organised and curated the exhibition for the past twelve years and following seven years doing likewise for the MIFGS Sculpture Exhibition, it is time for me to hang-up my curatorial hat at the end of this year’s exhibition.

Entry forms for this year’s Prize can be obtained by contacting me at: artservices@skymesh.com.au

Mark Cowie

What's on and what to enter...

Some things you just come across - like this site specific work by Bill Perryn... other information is sent to us... read on for lots of things you might wish to know...

Seen at Middle Park Beach

for the story see this link https://lesleytruffle.com/tommys-story-bronze-sculpture-by-bill-perrin/

Welcome to New Members

Welcome to new members

Rachel Robertson and Hans Wernich
we look forward to meeting you and seeing your work in exhibitions

Jackie Mckinnon Membership Officer