We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

Portraiture in Clay

Portraiture in Clay
with Viktor Kalinowski at his studio in Cheltenham
Workshop suitable for beginners or those wanting to explore a new medium, no prior skills needed.
Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th June 2010
Learn to create a 3D portrait in clay during this weekend workshop with professional sculptor Viktor Kalinowski.  Over the two days Viktor will work with you beginning With drawing exercises and leading on to working directly in clay from the life model. Over the two days you will spend 6 hours working directly from life, the other time will give you the opportunity to work on more detailed features. During the weekend Viktor will demonstrate techniques to help you achieve great results. This workshop is designed for those wanting to develop or refine skills in sculpting the head and facial features.
Time: 10am – 4.30pm Arrive at 9.45am for a 10am start.
Cost $295.00 All materials, use of studio tools and equipment included. Morning tea and lunch provided on both days.
Bookings essential as maximum of 10 people.
For more information or  booking – call Viktor on 9584 4599 or Email viktork@bluep.com.au  
Give a workshop to a friend – gift vouchers available.
Viktor Kalinowski


An Obituary Notice by Michael Meszaros was included in the ASV November/December Newsletter

Images by Jenny Rickards and/or ASV. 
All rights reserved by Association of Sculptors of Victoria Inc

President’s Message April 2010

In between ASV exhibitions I thought it would be advantageous to use the front page of the newsletter to feature the works of a particular ASV member at times. It seemed to me that appropriate criteria are that the member has provided art of a good standard, and that the member has contributed time and energy to support ASV activities. Michael suggested we start with Bob Grant, who passed on so recently. Accordingly a photo of himself and a selection of his work are shown on the front page of this edition. We respect the quality of his work and express our thanks to his help to the ASV over the years. We are so glad that you have been with us, Bob.

On administration issues, I apologise for the late issue this month, due to holidays. I have now eliminated the listing of sculpture exhibitions in other States in this newsletter, to simplify and reduce the workload. I suggest that those travelling interstate, or competing in interstate competitions, refer to the excellent professional magazine “Sculpture +the enemies” produced by Katherine Harrington in NSW, in which she gives a broad coverage of sculpture competitions and exhibitions across Australia. A notice on the most recent magazine is included below in Notices. We shall continue to report in detail on Victorian activity, and to mention interstate or overseas competitions or exhibitions only if they are of particular significance – the Lempriere scholarship opportunities, for example. Jenny has suggested some ASV members may like to contribute on sections of the newsletter in future to spread my workload, and we could discuss this at the April monthly meeting. Contributions would be welcome from a country member. Sections of which to take control would be, for example, review of NAVA announcements, or review of coming Victorian exhibitions: all you need is Internet access. I maintain right of editing.
Geoff Williams

"Great things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together." Vincent Van Gogh

ASV Current Activities

Wednesday 5 May 2010: ASV Committee Meeting: if you have a burning issue that you would like discussed please contact a Committee Member as listed at the foot of this news sheet, as soon as possible. Items on the existing Agenda include Tesselaar Exhibition 2010, Annual Exhibition 2010, ASV Website, and Preliminary Budget 2010-2011.

12 May at 7.30 pm: ASV Monthly Meeting: A show and tell meeting where sculptor members each bring a work or 2 done recently, and give a little talk about each piece.

ASV Support Statement for plan to install a new sculpture on Herring Island:
The original scheme which put sculpture on Herring Island was interesting and progressive, giving an extra dimension to a place which, up until that time, had been little known and inaccessible to the public. Appropriately, much of the work generated at that time was environmental, i.e., it was either made a part of the environment or it was derived from the environment.

Since the original sculpture project, there has been no addition to the display and some of the works have deteriorated, become overgrown or largely vanished. While this is in some cases an intended outcome of environmental sculpture, if the charter for Herring Island is to be maintained there should be an ongoing program to introduce new work to replace those which return to the elements and to continue public interest in sculpture on the Island.
Margaret Gunnersen Thomas's piece, 'Eclipse', would be a fitting work to re-establish the sculpture program on Herring Island. It is strong and simple aesthetically and very robust physically, making it suitable for a public position. It deals with a natural phenomenon and it uses basic materials- granite and steel, which will blend into the natural environment. Placed in the right position, it would become a sculptural signpost and a focal point for the Island. 
Michael Meszaros, Vice President, Association of Sculptors of Victoria.

Reports on ASV Recent Activities MIFGS 2010 23 March – 28 March 2010.

The Flower Show sculpture exhibition for 2010 was very different to all previous ones run by the ASV over the last 12 years. 

The big change this year was that we ran the exhibition in three different sections each with a first Prize of a $1000, and a second prize of $250. The change seems to have been a great success from the feedback from exhibitors, the public and especially the Judge and the Sponsors.

We had a good turnout with just on 50 artists, slightly up on last year. There were a total of 88 exhibits.

We are grateful to our Sponsors without whom the prizes could not have been made. They were:-
Dame Elisabeth Murdoch $1,000
Mitre 10 /IMG and “The Flower Show Organisers” $1,500
Without Pier Gallery (Terry Earle) $1,000
The ASV $ 750
Bulleen Art and Gardens (Meredith Plain) $ 250
Prize winners were:-
Section 1 – Carving First Richard Kloester “Thorn” Second Kevin Free “Sails”
Section 2 – Formed, etc. First Pauline Meade “Family Tree”
Second Elguja Kartvelishvilli “Female Torso”
Section 3 – Fabrications, etc. First Rudy Jass “Regrowth”
Second Andris Osenieks “Dragon”
People’s choice award went overwhelmingly to Andris’ “Dragon” with Martin Moore’s “The Goanna and the Currawong” getting a second prize award as there was no prize this year for Presentation.
Our judge, Peter Schipperheyn made some very pleasant and favourable comments as to the general standard of the work and as to the variety of subjects and the different treatments presented. Unfortunately other business prevented him at the last moment coming to our presentation.
The presentation was again held at La Notte in Lygon Street and about 65 people attended. The evening was introduced by Patrick Culshaw this year’s Exhibition Co-ordinator. Kevin Free (Honorary Life Member) stood in for Peter Schipperheyn and talked about the good standard of exhibits. Geoff Williams as President of the ASV presented the prizes.
The whole exhibition was a huge success in bringing Sculpture to “The People of Victoria”. We had over 6,000 people’s choice votes. Many favourable comments and we gained some new members. We sold 11 pieces including two major ones of $7,000 and $8,500.
Whilst it is not the object to make money from the exhibition the Treasure is pleased to report we will be in the black!
Patrick Culshaw 25 April 2010

ASV Monthly Meeting 14th April 2010:

Geoff Williams talked about classical and abstract sculptures seen in travels to Italy and Netherlands. Some images:
Henry Moore: Three Standing Figures
Germaine Richier: Tauromachy
Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice
Marta Pan: Floating Sculpture
Kroller Muller Sculpture Garden, Netherlands

ASV Monthly Meeting 10th March 2010: Illustrated talk by Jim Howson:

Another enjoyable, relaxing evening in good company. Jim Howson kindly came from Geelong to tell us about his journey in sculpture.

Jim comes from an artistic family of potters and painters but did not initially pursue a career in art and instead chose farming as his career as he was attracted to the outback. He left school and went to Western Australia where he worked with the aborigines on a station then worked on sheep and cattle stations in NSW and SA. Eventually returning to Victoria where he managed a farm for 10 years on behalf of a Melbourne business man.
During that time his passion for art, became quite prominent. He turned his skills to making fine furniture but found his real passion was sculpture. A welder by trade, steel was the perfect medium. It was difficult to focus on his art and farming at the same time and so it was a very easy decision to retire from farming to consolidate his desire to sculpt. He then moved to Geelong with his wife to be and has never looked back.
As he began his art journey, Jim has created a style that represents a unique blend of three dimensional and skeletal appearance that draws out the essential qualities of steel producing an effect of changeable rhythms and free movement which is reinforced from different viewpoints.

He makes maquettes with 10mm square bar and then makes them to scale. Any components that he is unable to make, he gets made externally. Last year Jim’s work was quite large using large pipe work as a focal work, with flowing coils wrapped around to give a sense of movement. Jim is now experimenting with smaller pieces and has most recently completed a Seed Pod series.

Entering sculpture prizes has proved a great experience and learning for Jim and it was when he was participating at Wangaratta Current Sculpture Prize, that he met John Wooller who introduced him to the Association of Sculptors. This has been an advantage to both Jim and the Association as it has given him a different perspective on sculpture, seen a variety of work and met other artists. He has won prizes and sold several pieces. We as an association have enjoyed his presence and his work and thank him for talking to us about his journey.

ASV COMMITTEE MEETING: Summary Minutes of Meeting 17 February 2010.

1) Discussion re. Annual Exhibition
The booking with Glen Eira Gallery has been cancelled as conditions of contract were untenable: no insurance, set up time, etc. Marija has tentatively booked Yarra Sculpture Space (CSA).
2) Matters Arising from Minutes
a) Asset register – Patrick has created - closed
b) Insurance – we are covered for theft & damage for anything we own - closed
c) Claim for annual exhibition – we accepted $660. Not yet received – Patrick to follow up.
3) Services and Supplies Directory
There was no response to the note in newsletter therefore the Services and Supplies Directory will not be incorporated in website. A hard copy will not be reissued.
4) Procedures and benefits for non-sculptor members
New website is designed to cater for members who are not sculptors.
5) Lempriere Exhibition
Geoff, Michael and Robert Lee have discussed the status of the Lempriere Prize. Michael has drafted a letter to Perpetual which will be circulated for review. A main concern is the movement of the funds to Sydney.
6) Personnel
a) Newsletter Editor
Judy Newman is assisting with mail outs.
b) Employment of contract staff
Patrick wants to retire from the treasurer’s position from June.
7) Website
Janice McCarthy is the new webmaster and is keen to help for her own development. Janice is providing a venue for training for herself, Patrick & Geoff. Alberto will provide training on website as it is. Alberto will provide manuals and instructions for expression engine. Alberto is going to Spain in April 5th. He will be available on line and intends to return to Australia.
8) Preliminary Budget for financial year to 30 June 2011
Preliminary budget tabled.
9) Membership fees
a) Member fees for financial year to 30 June 2011
Unless we need specific increases for employing a new treasurer, fees to remain the same

Other Activities Victoria

Sculpture out of the 2009 Bushfires:
Email from Judy Newman 30 March 2010:
Ian Nicholls recently presented the Ahern Family with a sculpture on the anniversary of Black Saturday. It is interesting to see what he did with the tools found in the burnt out old property after the Black Saturday fires at Steeles Creek.
Frank Ahern, a friend of Ian's for over forty years, lost his brother and sister in law in the Black Saturday fires. Ian visited the property with Frank after the fires. Amongst the ashes in Leigh's burnt down shed, Ian collected a few burnt and blackened tools. This gave Ian the inspiration to make his first sculpture. With a bit of guidance from ASV member Judy Newman, Ian created a Cockatoo from a block of Limestone and some of the burnt tools. Ian enjoyed making the sculpture and has enrolled at Bulleen Art & Garden to do the sculpture workshop run by ASV member Jenny Whiteside. We look forward to seeing more sculpture from Ian in the future. Ian was incidentally brother in law of the late Bob Grant.
Story contributed by Judy Newman.

Heart Gallery Healesville Art Alliance: A new venture gallery that is currently seeking exhibitors of indoor sculptures: innovative new art as well as more traditional work. Preference for Healesville area artists but others considered. Contact Christine 5962 6055 www.healesvilleart.com.au
Image: “Cyclone” by Judy Newman at the Heart Gallery.

14 April 2010 to 13 May 2010: Monash University Switchback Gallery Gippsland Campus: Mira Gojak dynamic spiraling forms. www.monash.edu.au

1-31 May 2010: Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition: Contemporary sculpture works are exhibited in the shop windows and sidewalks of Toorak Rd each year. Prizes of $5,000 $2,000 $1,000 for the most innovative works. See www.toorakvillage.com.au

5 to 23 May 2010: aRtECYCLE Annual Exhibition: Annual exhibition of sculpture installations by Moonee Valley City Council; themes of environmentalism and recycling; Non-acquisitive prize pool $10,000; works must engage with the principal themes of environmentalism and recycling... Telf 8325 1750. www.incineratorarts.com.au

19 March – 29 August 2010: National Gallery of Victoria: Ian Potter Centre: Collage Exhibition: Collage or gluing or attaching paper, fabric, natural objects and ephemera to create or enhance a work of art. It is the first exhibition at the NGV to focus on this art form and includes collages by Sidney Nolan, James Gleeson, Robert Klippel, Gareth Sansom, Elizabeth Gower, Katherine Hattam, Nick Mangan, Brook Andrew and many others. See www.ngv.vic.gov.au/stickit/

11 July 2010 to 19 Sept 2010: McClelland Gallery: Geoffrey Bartlett in the McClelland Room. www.mcclellandgallery.com

8 Sept 2010 to 16 Oct 2010: Deakin University Art Gallery: Ewen Coates sculpture over the last 10 years. www.deakin.edu.au/art-collection

17 April 2010 to 17 October 2010: The Ian Potter Museum of Art: Artifacts from Mediterranean, African, Meso-American, Oceanic Regions showing ceremonial practices, belief systems, sacred customs:

17 Oct 2010 to 8 Nov 2010: Lorne Sculpture Exhibition: A free community Supported biennial exhibition of 30 major contemporary sculpture works and installations along the Lorne Foreshore. Telf 03 9867 6174. www.lornesculpture.com

27 October 2010 to 4 December 2010: Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award: Award $10,000 for contemporary artist. Applications close 15 July 2010. www.deakin.edu.au/art-collection

24 Oct 2010 to 5 Dec 2010: The Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Awards 2010: 10th anniversary; commission on all sales is donated to The Leukaemia Auxiliary of the Royal Children’s Hospital. www.yering.com

New bushfire exhibition and $95,400 for arts bushfire recovery: NAVA Media Release 16 April 2010: The Arts Recovery Quick Response program is now closed, having provided a total of $95,400 to support 43 arts projects in bushfire affected areas.

TarraWarra Museum of Art has a new exhibition that received a $15,000 grant through Arts Victoria's Arts Development program: open to Sunday 25 July 2010.

Short Courses and Workshops in Sculpture & Drawing, Victoria

29 May 2010 and 30 May2010:
Limestone sculpture with Jenny Whiteside at Bulleen Art & Garden. www.baag.com.au
Time: 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
Place: Studio 5, 19 Grange Rd, Cheltenham 3192
Cost: $88.00 per session.

1 May 2010:
Ceramic sculpture with Meredith Plain at Bulleen Art & Garden. www.baag.com.au
Time: 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.
Place: Studio 5, 19 Grange Rd, Cheltenham 3192
Cost: $70.00 per session.

Wednesdays to 2 June 2010:
Effie Mandelos untutored Life Drawing classes: For artists and those with some experience wanting to enhance and develop skills further.03 9553 5536.
Date : Wednesdays Time: 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm.
Place: 1 Rings Rd Moorabbin Melway : 77 J8
Cost: $16.50 per session, with $90 for 6 weeks.

Viktor Kalinowski studio classes in sculpture: Cheltenham: small classes working in stone, bronze, clay with a life model and drawing once a month. www.kalinowski.com.au
Date : Thursdays. Time: 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm.
Place: Studio 5, 19 Grange Rd, Cheltenham 3192
Cost: $40.00 per session.
Viktor also teaches at the McClelland Guild of Artists http://www.mcclellandguildofartists.com.au and can run workshops for groups on request. (03) 9584 4599 for more information.

Inter-State News

The John Fries Memorial Prize 2010 is an award of $10,000 and a solo exhibition at Viscopy's contemporary art space, Blackfriars off Broadway. This annual prize is open to all artists resident in Australia whose work is not represented in the collection of a regional, state, territory or national public art gallery. Artists of all ages and disciplines, whether members of Viscopy or not, are eligible to enter. The prize has been donated by the Fries family in memory of former Viscopy’s director and honorary treasurer, John Fries, who made a remarkable contribution to the life and success of Viscopy. Completed entry applications must reach Viscopy by 5pm Monday 24 May 2010. For more detailed information please go to http://www.viscopy.org.au/john-fries-prize where you can download an entry form with conditions. Viscopy is Australia and New Zealand's not-for-profit copyright collecting organisation for the visual arts providing copyright licensing services on behalf of our members to a wide and varied customer base. We represent approximately 43% of Australian and New Zealand artists and their beneficiaries and 40,000 international artists and beneficiaries in Australian and New Zealand territories through reciprocal agreements with 45 visual arts rights management agencies around the world. Andrew Leslie, Blackfriars off Broadway, Viscopy email aleslie@viscopy.org.au website www.viscopy.org.au.

“Artistic defence” for child pornography offences in NSW: NAVA Media Release 10 March 2010: Executive Director of NAVA, Tamara Winikoff said on 10 March 2010, “artistic defence” is to be removed from the NSW Crimes Act for child pornography offences.

Artists Resale Royalty Roll-Out Welcomed: NAVA Media Release 7 April 2010 The National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) welcomed the announcement today by Federal Arts Minister Peter Garrett, that the visual artists resale royalty scheme will be fully operational by mid-year to be managed by the Copyright Agency Limited (CAL). When the Act was passed in December 2009, the scheme would deliver five per cent of the sale price when art works are resold through the art market for $1000 or more with no upper limit, and would apply not only to living artists but also for their beneficiaries up to 70 years after the artist’s death. From early June 2010, artworks which are first acquired and then resold will have the resale royalty applied to them.
www.visualarts.net.au www.artistcareer.com.au

Breach of copyright: Article by John Bailey in The Age, February 28, 2010:
In recent times:
  • Melbourne artist and designer – found his brooches worn in London, obtained from a wholesale market in Hong Kong. 
  • Sydney designer - received an email from a customer who had spotted one of his designs in a store chain in England. 
  • British artist - design was reproduced on stationery products.
Costs of litigation are prohibitive. The author mentions web sites such as
http://youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com and http://urbncounterfeiters.blogspot.com
have been established to publicly record cases of design theft and shame the perpetrators.
Online supporters may take up complaints made.


“Style vs. Content in art" (March 2010 Newsletter) Comment 1

Michael Meszaros has produced a thoughtful and contentious piece in “Style vs. Content in art," but I question whether his concerns are echoed by all the members of the ASV. He must be congratulated on the fact that he has been kept busy with commissions for his work for the last forty years from individuals who know what they're getting. Given that he has hit on a winning formula the best thing to do is to stay with it, obviously, while the rest of us proceed in a less deterministic or proscribed fashion. Personally, I don't think that it is evident that many of us are subject to the whims of fashion in art. A lot of us would be hard put to identify fads or fashions in the world of sculpture, surely. I can't see that Michael has elucidated what these fashions are and, for the life of me, I'm unable to see how his reference to the world of hemlines and skirts is relevant. We all, as sentient, empathetic human beings, register what goes on around us. We most likely know about the
work of Moore, Hepworth, and Bourgeoise and so on. Inevitably our work will be pastiche- but GOOD pastiche, and elements of the work of others will be bound to shine through. I don't have to make a living from my work, and that liberates me to do what I want to do and truly follow my muse. Others find disparate elements such as folk art, the work of the Bauhaus and Lutyens in my works but none of these are fashionable and none dictate to me. When I'm in my studio I follow the flow of the work as it comes from my hands and my tools. Fashions, fads and fancies- none of these could be further from my mind and I don't think that I'm alone in entering into this spirit.
Jan Indrans. 25 April 2010.

“Style vs. Content in art" (March 2010 Newsletter) Comment 2.

Concerning Michael’s musings on what is important in art (“Style vs. Content in Art”) in the last newsletter, I would like to mention an observation about art made in a book called “The Spirit Level” by Wilkinson & Pickett. The authors present objective research evidence that a significant number of measures of economic welfare are related to the degree of inequality in society. They show that health, violence, mental illness, teen pregnancies, life spans, obesity, etc, are correlated with a scale of income inequality, measured using official data, both internationally and between states of the USA. They further consider the motivational factors that may influence these correlations, and observe that social inequalities create considerable stress on those at the bottom end of the social hierarchy. The authors quote from much other research, including Bourdieau who wrote on restrictions to social mobility. Bourdieu maintained social discrimination was practised by the elite, to mark their distinguished status, and one form of such discrimination was in art. “The upper classes preferred abstract art and experimental novels, while the lower classes liked representational pictures and a good plot” (Wilkinson & Pickett, page 164). I wonder how many of us would agree with this observation, from our own experiences.
Geoff Williams 30 April 2010.


Death of Peter Govan
The Committee and Members of the ASV express their sincere sympathy to Gillian Govan for the loss of her lifelong friend and husband on 23 April 2010. The following beautiful little poem was read at the funeral service:
God grant me the serenity,
To accept things I cannot change:
The courage to change the things I can;
And the wisdom to know the difference.

New Members
Welcome to the following new members:
Ben Hillier

Donations Gifts and Sponsorship Required
The ASV has a Public Fund for collecting Gifts and Donations. Anything over $5.00 is Tax Deductible as we have DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status with the tax office. Donations can be applied for example to administrative costs (running exhibitions) and/or to Prizes. Members, their Families, Friends, Business Colleagues and the Community in general are invited to seek more information as to how they can help the ASV. Major donations $500+ for our exhibitions are especially necessary and by discussion with the Committee may have naming rights attached to the gift.
Sponsorship is also welcome and can be acknowledged in many ways. Donations can be sent to the Treasurer of the ASV, 39 Turnley St, North Balwyn, Vic 3104 .....Patrick Culshaw

Website enquiry from John French landscape design, 30 April 2010
I have a client in an apartment complex. The complex is over 4 levels, and the missing palm tree in the garden has left quite an empty space. It was quite a poor piece of landscaping, and over time, the palm tree and plants perished, and the bark garden area became quite unattractive.
I have suggested a sculpture or water feature (probably in the $5000-$10000 cost bracket). I don’t want anything too formal but it needs to be a wow. I would have thought something around 2 meters high would be an appropriate scale.
Can you forward this on to your members & they may have something that would suit.
If I can get your email or members that are interested I will email you
My best regards John French frenchs@netspace.net.au

Website enquiry for sculpture project at Box Hill School 21 April 2010
We are looking for a sculptor to restore a large outdoor sculpture of a Wyvern, the school emblem at Kingswood College in Box Hill, Victoria.
The sculpture was crafted 20 years ago. The sculptor who originally created the piece now lives in Northern Territory and is unable to assist but can provide any information we need on how it went together.
Are you able to recommend a sculptor who we can commission to perform the restoration works? If you need further details before replying, please let me know. If you can give me an email address I can send through some photos.
Thanks for your help!
Andrew Stuart
President Wyvernian Association (Kingswood College Alumni)
Kingswood College

Registration as Expert Witness
Subject: National Guide of Expert Witnesses 2010/2011 Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 10:30:38 +1000 From: Jackie Nemy To: 'mail@sculptorsvictoria.asn.au' Dear Michael, In July 2010 the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) will launch the first edition of the National Guide of Expert Witnesses. Containing an extensive listing of experts across many specialist areas, this publication will be an invaluable resource for lawyers. Expert witnesses are frequently required by our members and the greater legal profession when preparing cases and for court appearances. The Guide will be distributed free to practising lawyers in July via the Law Institute Journal (LIJ), New South Wales Law Society Journal and the Queensland s Proctor journal. It will also be distributed to the national media. This means that over 46,000 copies will be distributed to lawyers in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. In recognition of the expertise and professionalism of members of Association of Sculptors of Victoria the LIV would like to offer your members a discounted rate to be listed in the 2010/2011 National Guide to Expert Witnesses. Members can take up a standard listing or choose from a range of advertising sizes. As a professional association we would like you to encourage your members to get listed in the Guide so they may receive a 15% discount on any listing they require. Advertisements may be supplied or created here to meet your requirements Apply for the media kit which contains further information. Were very excited about this Guide and think it will be a fantastic resource for lawyers. Many of our members have been asking for such a title for some time, so I know it will be very well received. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me on 03 9607 9496 or Marese 03 9607 9337. Kind regards, Jackie Nemy Jackie Nemy | Publications Law Institute of Victoria, 470 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia Ph: +613 9607 9311 (Switchboard) Ph: +613 9607 9496 (Direct) Fax: +613 9607 9451 Email: jnemy@liv.asn.au Website: http://www.liv.asn.au

Calling all members If you have a special quotation you'd like to share....use the newsletter If you have anything for sale or want to buy...... use the newsletter If you have a handy tip ......use the newsletter If you have suggestions, views, concerns about the Association.......use the news letter If you want to volunteer to help.....please use the newsletter
Gillian Govan

Thanks are due to this winery for their continuing support of ASV functions. KOOYONGA CHAPEL WINERY is next to a ribbon of bush that runs from the Great Australian Divide down to Benalla. It is a small winery owned and operated by the Saunders family. The winemaker is Barry Saunders. 20 acres are planted with equal areas of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. First plantings were in 2000. The mild climate extends the ripening period and adds to the complexity and intensity of flavour in the grapes. See: www.kooyongachapel.com

New Edition of “Sculpture + the enemies”.
See: www.sculptureandtheenemies.com.au
This latest edition includes:
  • Interviews with Jan King (NSW), Simon Perry (Vic), Alex Seton (NSW). 
  • Gallery Exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide. 
  • Significant commissions by Michael Meszaros and Geoffrey Bartlett 
  • Macquarie Sculpture Park. 
  • Significant Exhibitions to Enter 
  • Some Auction Results

The Sculptors Society
A leading Australian sculptors' organisation since 1951. Non-profit and based in Sydney, NSW. Showcasing modern and contemporary sculpture in all media - bronze, metal, stone, ceramic, wood, glass...


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