We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

President's Message August 2008


By any other Name.

Sculpere, the name of our newsletter, is a Latin word of three syllables the emphasis being placed on the long ‘e’ of the middle one. Translated into English it means ‘to carve’. This infinitive together with the first person present tense, ‘sculpo’, I carve, and the first person past tense, ‘sculptus sum’, I carved, tells you all you need to know to fully conjugate the verb.

Many English nouns are derived from the past participle of Latin verbs, in this case ‘sculptus’, giving us ‘sculpture’ and ‘sculptor’. It would seem therefore that sculpture, at least to the Romans, was something produced by carving and there are plenty of examples to support this even if they are copies of earlier Greek ones. A purist, I suppose, would say that objects produced by carving alone is entitled to be called a sculpture. This, presumably, would rule out of contention the statue of Athena that stood about 10 metres high in the Parthenon as it was constructed from tree trunks and covered with ivory and gold. No doubt each part was carved roughly to shape, the parts assembled then finished with more carving and finally sanding. But I think that no-one today would say that this is not a sculpture. But where, then, does that leave Stonehenge, The Great Pyramid of Cheops and the Pont du Gard all of which are carved then assembled.

Clearly, today we have no such limited view of sculpture which has developed to include almost any idea that can be expressed visually and in three dimensions. The important word here is ‘idea’. Until fairly recently, when art became autonomous in the middle of the nineteenth century, sculpture along with painting was mostly illustrative. The notion of a sculpture conveying an idea as its primary aim was severely limited. Today I suspect that the reverse is true, most serious sculpture being intellectual with illustration playing a minor role.

This intellectual content that overlies the subject of a sculpture sometimes leaves viewers bemused as they try to find a point of recognition and exasperated when they do not. Dismissal of the unfamiliar as unworthy is common.

Attempts are being made by organisers of exhibitions to accommodate this plethora of genres in ‘sculpture’. In the next Lempriere Prize, for example, entrants will be invited from ‘sculptors/architects/garden designers’. The invention of more categories with particular names would relieve the word ‘sculpture’ of the burden it currently carries thus freeing it for its original purpose and meaning. But what’s in a name?

John Wooller President

ASV Diary Dates

Meetings are held in the Boroondara Community Arts Room, rear 360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn and start at 7:30pm.
31st August
Set up annual exhibition.
1st September to 4th October
Annual Exhibition at Montsalvat
10th September
Welcome all new Members. Our September meeting will be in the middle of our Annual Exhibition. Our exhibitions are very special times when we have the opportunity to see each others work and meet fellow sculptors members. One of our new members Daniele Lamarche-Sarvia has agreed to come along and talk about her work. This will be a relaxing evening with perhaps a glass of wine and all members are welcome to bring some of their work to show and tell and to talk about their exhibition experiences. Look forward to seeing you there. You can preview Daniele's work on her website: www.lamarche-sarvia.com
As well as this talk we will be discussing the proposed new constitution for the ASV. See later in this newsletter for more details.
11th September to 8th October
Tesselaar Sculpture Prize exhibition.
15th October
Marija Patterson has kindly agreed to talk about her work. After which we'll set to and vote on the new constitution. We need 75% of the members to vote on this so please read later in this newsletter on how to register your vote.
12th November
The AGM will be on – hopefully with our new constitution.
Please come and help set our path for the coming year.
Christmas party
Yes we will party!
Stand by for more news!

Change to the Constitution

The ASV Committee set up a Sub-Committee in 2007 with the object of developing a revised Constitution that would make management of the Association more simple and efficient. The Sub-Committee consisted of Michael Meszaros, Jenny Rickards, Patrick Culshaw, and Geoff Williams. Over time and with the election of the new president, John Wooller came to replace Jenny Rickards on the Sub-Committee.
A summary which follows outlines key differences between the existing and proposed constitutions. The Committee of Management for the ASV is reduced in size; Sub-Committees are established for specific purposes; and the quorum for General Meetings of Members is reduced.
It is intended to submit the new Constitution draft to a General Meeting of Members this year for approval. Copies will be available at monthly meetings for members attending, and email copies may be obtained from Geoff Williams at geoff@glwanalysis.com.au or Patrick Culshaw at patwyn@bigblue.net.au. Or the two versions of the constitution can be downloaded from the Internet at www.sculptorsvictoria.asn.au/constitution_2004.pdf
and www.sculptorsvictoria.asn.au/constitution_proposed_2008.pdf
A special resolution will be required in accordance with the Associations Incorporations Act 1981, so 75% in favour of members entitled to vote or their proxies are required. Proxy forms shall be made available with the formal notice to members of the resolution, in advance of the General Meeting. You are asked to appoint John Wooller, President, or another Committee Member as your proxy if you do not intend to attend.
The Constitution has been given thorough study. The new proposal may well need additional amendments over time as experience shows that some clauses need adjustment. The summary of differences attached does not include every feature or difference but does try to cover the main items.
If approved at a General Meeting of Members, the proposal has to be submitted to the Registrar at Consumer Affairs, and it is not valid until the Registrar formally notifies approval. He/she could require amendments.
Informal discussion with the Registrar's office has been helpful and in principle they support the move to spread the load of running a voluntary organisation over more than 1-2 key people, whilst eliminating large cumbersome committees.
Geoff Williams, Secretary

Constitution Differences Summary - The Relevant Clause in the Exisiting Constitution is summarized in left aligned green and the proposed clauses are summarized in right aligned magenta


Membership is open to the following: [# 3.(1] ]

  1. Artist who produces sculpture of a professional level (UNESCO definition is used);

  2. Person giving long service to ASV;

  3. Associate - students, interested persons who cannot vote or hold office;

Membership is open to all natural persons and organisations with an interest in sculpture.[ # 3 (1)-(6) ]

Termination and Suspension

Committee may expel, suspend or fine a Member: [# 7 ]. There are 7 sub-clauses regulating service of Notice on the Member; the opportunity for the Member to be heard; holding a special General Meeting; and two thirds majority voting requirement at such General Meeting. Committee Member may be replaced by Members in General Meeting: [ # 28 ].

Executive Committee may expel or suspend a Member from the Executive Committee, from Sub-Committee, or from the ASV. Aggrieved Members are entitled to be heard at the Executive Committee, and to appeal to a General Meeting. [ # 6(11) ].

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Quorum

Greater of 11 Members or 25% of the Membership [ # 12(3) ].

Greater of 10 financial General Members or 10% of financial General Membership: [4(14) ].

Other General Meetings

Provision is made for holding at least 10 Special General Meetings, including 5 business meetings, per annum, and also when 5% of Members require it. [ # 9-10.]

Provision is made for scheduling of General Meetings (called "Other") by the Committee, and also when required by lesser of 10 Members or 10% of the Membership: [ # 5 ]

Fees & Subscriptions

AGM sets entrance fees and annual membership subscriptions: [ # 8(4)(e) ]

Committee sets all fees and subscriptions: [ # 3(9)i ]

Office Holders

8 in number, consisting of the President, 2 Vice- Presidents, 2 Secretaries, Treasurer, Publicity Officer, and Immediate Past President: [ # 21(1) ].Responsibilities of Secretary and Treasurer are defined: [ # 26,27 ].

President is limited to a tenure of 2 consecutive years [ # 21(3) ]. No limits on tenure by other Office Holders.

5 in number, consisting of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Public Officer. [ # 8 ]. Member may hold more than one position Responsibilities are defined.

President is limited to a tenure of 4 consecutive years [ # 6(5) ]. No limits on tenure by other Office Holders.


Committee of Management shall manage the affairs of the ASV. [# 20] Minimum of 8 members (Officers), plus any Ordinary Members elected. [ #21(1), 23(1) ]

Executive Committee shall manage the affairs of the ASV. [# 6] 6 members: 4 Officers plus 2 Ordinary Members elected at the AGM. [ # 6(2),(5) ].


Not mentioned

Executive Committee may organise Sub-Committees Executive Committee may organise Sub-Committees

with specific purposes. [#7 ] Membership, Donor Support, Individual exhibitions, Newsletter, Publicity, Web-site Co-ordinator. Executive Committee shall appoint a Coordinator of each Sub-Committee who shall advise the President of Progress, and shall make the decisions of the Sub-Committee.

Cheque Signatories

Any two of President, Secretary, Treasurer: [ # 29 ].

Any two of four Members of the Executive Committee so nominated as cheque signatories: [ # 9 ].

Distribution of Funds - to meet tax requirements

To be updated for AGM resolution 12 Nov 2003: To be updated for AGM resolution 12 Nov 2003: AGM resolution 12 Nov 2003 is included: to meet tax requirements [ # 35 ]: No portion of funds shall be distributed to Members, except to reimburse expenses or to award prizes or scholarships.]

AGM resolution 12 Nov 2003 is included: No portion of funds shall be distributed to Members, except to reimburse expenses or to award prizes or scholarships: [ # 7. ]


14 pages, 35 clauses, including membership application form and proxy form, plus Purposes as 1 page separate document.

5 pages, 12 clauses, plus existing Purposes as 1 page Appendix.

Notes from the August Meeting

Not only did William Eicholtz give us a great talk and show a power point presentation – but our digital projector system worked – with minimum of fuss... well done everyone. William is one of the few sculptors well represented on the Internet – he has a website www.dishboydreaming.com full of great examples of his work. As usual the chat after the talk was as important as any of the planned presentation. Thank you to William and to our technical people – Denise Dempsey amongst them and thank you to Gillian who supplied wine when we failed to produce tea and coffee at the break – Let them eat cake?

The Annual Exhibition

Bon Voyage for Gillian Govan and her husband Peter who are off on their annual jaunt overseas. Before leaving Gillian has been very busy with the Annual Exhibition. She has played the major role in organizing and co-ordinating most of the behind-the-scenes activities, with Marija in learning mode.
Gillian has tried to leave no stone unturned so that Bronwyn and her team of helpers at the set-up and opening etc. will just go through the motions.
Thanks to Marija Patterson for her planning, wisdom and computing skills that she has performed in and out of family illnesses and things. She has gone off on a trip to Darwin with her partner Brian on a well-earned rest, and will be back before the exhibition ends.
Meredith Plain has also been very busy with her data base, press releases and heaps of ideas. We look forward to the fruits of her labours. Michael and Jenny are advising in the wings.
In advance thanks to the set-up team: John Bishop, Mark Cowie, Denise Dempsey, Meredith Plain, John Wooller and any other willing hands.
Special thanks to Pam Bradsworth for her help in supplying the Award labels etc.
Especial thanks to all those sculptors who are exhibiting and will make sure that they are at Montsalvat between 3.00 and 5.00 pm Sunday 31st August. Here’s to a successful Annual Exhibition!

Sitting at Montsalvat

We want you to enjoy your time sitting at Montsalvat. We are only sitting in the weekends. Your role is to talk to the visitors and answer any questions they may have. The key is interaction. Make the sale but from then on you do not have to do any paperwork as all of this is done by the staff at the desk.
Please hand out the People’s Choice slips and encourage them to really look at the sculptures before they make a decision. It seems to be much more fun for the visitors to participate in this. 4,500 people voted at the Flower Show.
Their prize is lunch for two at the Montsalvat CafĂ© – which is a very nice place to go.

Please note: Sculpture Deliveries to Montsalvat
will be from 3pm to 5pm on Sunday 31st August

Opportunities for Sculptors

St George's Cathedral, Perth

Dear Artists

I am writing to advise you of a wonderful opportunity for a commission of a public artwork in the heart of the City of Perth, Western Australia.

The Dean and Chapter of St George's Cathedral, Perth are seeking innovative and imaginative artists to submit concepts for a representation of St George and the Dragon for the forecourt of the neo-Gothic Cathedral. They are looking for ideas that stretch the boundaries of the expected and provide an exciting and exhilarating challenge to visitors to the Cathedral.

The artwork will be a feature of the heritage district of Perth, and will be a focal point in the main city thoroughfare as part of the major restoration project for the Cathedral Precinct.

The commission is being offered through generous donations to the St George’s Cathedral Foundation for the Arts.

The value of the commission is up to AUS $500,000 and is open to submissions from around Australia, and the world.

Please go to the website on www.sculptureproject.org.au for information about the commission and how you can be part of this very exciting and significant project in the vibrant city of Perth.

Please forward this on to others in your network who may be interested in the project.

Contact me either by email or phone if you have any queries.


Jo Malone


St George’s Cathedral Sculpture Project & St George's Cathedral Restoration Fund Ph: +618 9325 5766 Ext 105 Mob: 0412 590 555 Fax: +618 9325 5242 Email: jo.malone@perthcathedral.org

Heritage Art, Sculpture & Photography Exhibition at the Heritage Golf & Country Club

I curate the Heritage Art, Sculpture & Photography Exhibition at the Heritage Golf & Country Club. Our next Exhibition is in January but we are exhibiting sculpture from early December through to January 21st. We are looking for outdoor sculpture that can be exhibited around the grounds. We have 35 sites to fill with 18 still available. The sculpture was very successful last year and we sold over $20,000 with another $32,000 in commissions. All profits go towards a charity which this year is 'Brainlink.' We only ask for 10% commission and it is a great opportunity for sculptors to exhibit their work. This year we have Bill Ogilvie, Robert Waghorn, Ralf Driessen, Mark Cowie, John Wooller, Kevin Free, Savaad Felich, Gillian Govan, Janusz Kuzbicki, Malcolm Laurence and Faustas Sadaukas. We do need more contacts for the 18 remaining sculpture sites and are able to provide more sites. I was wondering if you could help by providing contacts or if you knew of any sculptor who would be interested to contact me on 03 9722 2141.
Kind Regards, Annie Golding

McKinnon Art Festival
I am the convener of the McKinnon Art Festival a new festival being run for the first time in September 2008. We are seeking contributors to our Art exhibition.
I can be contacted at abccc@iprimus.com.au or on 0430 158 650. I would greatly appreciate your association's assistance in bringing this exhibition to the attention of your members. Entry conditions and forms are available from our website:www.mckinnonartfestival.com.au
Adrienne van Denderen

Barossa Sculpture Park -Contemporary Sculpture in Stone

So where are Viktor, Kevin and their overseas friends? They are working in the lovely Barossa valley carving granite.

International Sculpture Symposium in natural stone (granite) in 1 Sept / 14 October 2008

The Region: The Barossa is South Australia's foremost wine region. It is a valley covered in vineyards surrounded by bare hills with a backdrop of natural Australian bush land. It consists of three towns and several small hamlets. The Barossa is 70 km north-east of Adelaide (International Airport), South Australia's Capital city.

The site : Barossa Sculpture Park, Mengler Hill, Tanunda, Barossa, South Australia.

There are nine sculptures in marble and granite from the 1988 Symposium.

The works are abstract or very abstracted figurative reflecting on the site, the environment and the sculptor's relationship with the Barossa community.

The sculptors: sculptors working in granite by direct-carving. Their designs should reflect the Barossa environment and the ambiance of the Barossa Hills; the works will be carved in-situ and remain on the site.

The Time: The Symposium will be for 6 weeks 1 Sept. to 14 Oct. The season is Spring.

The Stone: The blocks of Granite already on site range from 2.4m to 3m, there is South Australian Black Granite and Sienna Granite (brown).

Equipment: Air-compressors and hoses will be supplied, the sculptors have to bring their own tools.

More on the sculptors at http://www.freewebs.com/sculpturepark/2008symposiumsculptors.htm

Members' News

Rod Sanders has a gig at Dizzy's Jazz Club
381 Burnley Street, Richmond
Playing with the Westernport Big Band on
Tuesday 23 September at 8pm

Six Degrees of Separation

Someone must know someone who knows someone who can help! The Services and Supplies Directory – so useful and handy is out of date and out of print. As I write Ronit has one copy left. Fay Gerber did a great job of checking entries, Patrick Taylor – in the UK but in contact over the ether is ready to upload changes – but we need someone or preferably a group of friends to take on the task of adding new entries, deleting defunct ones and getting the database ready for a new print version of our little helper. So wrack your brains, call your friends, someone is out here somewhere with computer skills and enthusiasm to bring this little baby back to life. Please contact Jenny Rickards on 03 9836 2738

Bulleen Art and Garden

Bulleen Art and Garden and Meredith Plain are really good about sending information every month about their activities – mosaics, ceramics, limestone carving – you name it – not to mention all the cool landscape and conservation stuff they do. Take a look at their website on www.baag.com.au/

What IS in a Name?

The Naming of Cats – T.S. Elliot

The naming of cats is a difficult matter,

It isn't just one of your holiday games;

You may think at first I'm mad as a hatter

When I tell you a cat must have three

different names.

First of all, there's the name

that the family use daily,

Such as Victor, or Jonathan,

George or Bill Bailey--

All of them sensible everyday names.

There are fancier names

if you think they sound sweeter,

Some for the gentlemen,

some for the dames;

Such as Plato, Admetus,

Electra, Demeter--

But all of them sensible everyday names.

But I tell you,

a cat needs a name that's particular,

A name that is peculiar, and more dignified,

Else how can he

keep up his tail perpendicular,

Or spread out his whiskers,

or cherish his pride?

Of names of this kind,

I can give you a quorum,

Such as Munkustrap, Quazo or Coripat,

Such as Bombalurina, or else Jellyrum--

Names that never belong

to more than one cat.

But above and beyond

there's still one name left over,

And that is the name that you will never guess;

The name

that no human research can discover--

But The Cat Himself Knows,

and will never confess.

When you notice a cat in profound meditation,

The reason, I tell you, is always the same:

His mind is engaged in rapt contemplation

Of the thought, of the thought,

of the thought of his name:

His ineffable effable


Deep and inscrutable singular Name.

OK she's flipped! Why put this in a sculptors' newsletter? Well I've only just finished processing the images taken at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2008. Honestly sculptures with holes in them should be banned! The same as swimmers in the 50 metres races shouldn't be allowed to have hyphenated names.
But the thing that you will notice as you scroll through the online catalogue is that some sculpture images don't look like the same work... and some works look remarkably similar to others by a different name..... please could everyone take responsibility for their own work –
a unique sculpture needs a unique name!

New Members

This month we welcome: Brett Ditchfield, Ron Davis and Catherine Tait. Happy sculpting one and all.

Are you financial?

Have you renewed your 2008/09 ASV Membership and Records check? Non-financial members will be removed from the ASV website, will not receive Sculpere Newsletters beyond September, and cannot vote at meetings or at exhibitions.

If you can't find your renewal notice or do not intend renewing, please email or phone the ASV Membership Secretary Ronit Freedman 03 9816 3282