We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

Letter from the President

Gillian Govan

It was rather disappointing that so few members were at the AGM as Sanne Mestrom was a great speaker and entertainer. She showed photos of her works explaining her thoughts and reasoning behind them. One group of works was an installation of pieces made from the leftovers of other artist work. This led me to think how fortunate we are to have the language of art to be able to express our own concerns about the future of our planet; and how we can influence humanity about the problems that exist around us. Global warming, Pollution and disposal of our ever accumulating waste as well encouraging the use of windpower, solar and geothermal energy.

Dates for Your Diary

ASV Christmas Party 25 November 2018

9 December entries close Herring Island

Herring Island exhibition 12 Jan to 3 Feb

Monthly Meeting 13 February "Show & Tell" kicking off the year! Hosted by Jenny Whiteside

Entries close MIFGS 24 February

MIFGS exhibition 27 to 31 March

Adventure in Stratford organised by Gavin Roberts Wednesday April 10 - to be confirmed

ASV Christmas Party

Work by Robert Klippell at Point Leo Estate
On Sunday 25th November we’ll hold our end of year celebration. That doesn’t mean stopping working - we’ll be hitting the ground running in the New Year with a full exhibition program - plus all the things that members are doing on their own inspiration!

So here are the plans: Either before or after the get together we’ll meet at Point Leo Estate and view the sculpture -

ASV AGM Wednesday 10 October

Sanne speaking at the AGM
Sanne Mestrom http://www.mestrom.org/ gave a great talk about her work and processes - and about her journey in the art world. This was enough to inspire a visit to TarraWarra where a select few of us saw and learned a whole lot more.

MIFGS 2019

Dear Members,

Here are the dates for next year’s MIFGS:.

The dates for the show are the 27th to the 31st of March 2019

Bump-in will be on the 23rd and 24th of March 2019
Entries will close last thing on Sunday 24th of February 2019 so that we can start processing on the Monday morning
Entries are open - forms are on the website and entry is via http://sculperenewsletter.blogspot.com/p/entry-form.html

Stories for promotion will be needed by November 2018

For the stories we require the following:
A verbal description of your work
Images of it being made and one of it finished if possible or a sketch of the final work
The story behind the piece
Some background to yourself and an image.
Any social media contacts and websites
We look forward to seeing your entries and looking forward to a successful show.

Best wishes Paul Cacioli ASV Coordinator for MIFGS

Yes! Herring Island 2019

Parks Victoria and Herring Island Summer Arts Festival are resolving difficulties: the paths and landing are being improved and access across the river is scheduled to be addressed during the year - Parks staff are working with us to resolve the remaining problems - so we are going ahead!

ASV dates are: 

Early drop off: 9am Saturday 15 Dec
Set up 7:40am Friday 11 Jan (from Como Landing)
Dismantle 14:30 Monday 4 February

This gives us four weekends.
Entry forms and details soon.
Jenny Rickards exhibition coordinator 0418971897

Visit to TarraWarra

On October 20st 4 members from the ASV attended an Exhibition at the TarraWarra Gallery in celebration of the TarraWarra Biennial 2018. The exhibition was called "From Will to Form" and included a number of floor talks, performances and a continious drop by workshop.
Part of the Hush Hush series by Sanne Mestrom at the TarraWarra Gallery, Yarra Valley

All the News and Alerts

here is a mixture of members' news and lots of interesting items...

Suzanne Kaldor "The Swingers"
Congratulations to Suzanne Kaldor on not only being accepted to show at Yering Station but also at 333 Collins St and sold her work ‘The Swingers" on the opening night.

Member's News

Bronze paper boat - Lana Thymianidis
After receiving the Tina Wentcher Award at the Annual Awards Exhibition 2018, Lana Thymianidis has had some exciting developments including an international Artist In Residence program. Lana is currently based in Norway developing her next body of bronze work. Her first work in this collection, ‘Fleeting’ will be exhibited in a group show at Fort Delta gallery (Fitzroy) from October 27.

Lana has asked to extend a thank you to the ASV community for their support

Welcome to New Member

Welcome to new member

Jacqueline Savage

We look forward to seeing you and your work at our exhibitions
Jackie Mackinnon ASV membership officer

What happened to September?

The ASV swan gliding across the water looked a bit sleepy but the feet were still paddling frantically beneath the surface - we have a lot coming up!

Firstly: the AGM is coming up - on Wednesday 10th October, at 7:30pm in the Ashburton Community Meeting Room with - wait for it... guest speaker Sanné Mestrom http://www.mestrom.org/

Sanne Mestrom is an installation artist based in Melbourne. She was born in 1979. and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Honours (Fine Art) in 2000 (RMITUniversity, Melbourne). In 2008, she received a PhD in Fine Art from RMITUniversity.

Diary Dates and ....

10 October: The AGM at 7:30pm in the Ashburton Community Meeting Rooms
  • A group visit to Point Leo Estate has been suggested - possibly without eating in the restaurant there. Let us know if you are interested in getting a group together.
Gillian Govan wearing the Activities hat 0412 122 884

Membership Renewals

Membership Renewals went out by email earlier last month. There has been a very good response for which we thank you. We will soon start chasing the rest of you!! If you did not get a renewal notice or have any questions please contact me Treasurer@sculptorsvictoria.asn.au

John Ride Treasurer ASV

Exhibiting large and expensive sculptures

Joe Taranto's "Morning Dew" at MIFGS 2018
Large sculpture - for example the Estate section of MIFGS - not only stands out on its own account but gives an exhibition a flavour and identity... but for the artist who produces that work there are costs not only in production but in transport, set up - and if you don’t sell it - storage. Plus the sculptors who produce these magnificent works are often country people whose studios can be larger and the neighbours further away... so more costs in travel and accomodation to exhibit in town.

Luted Crucible Casting

Piers Watson made contact with the ASV through the website. He proposes to come to Australia and run workshops in luted casting - as he has done in six other countries. You can find information about his workshops and the process on his website and Instagram account

ASV Exhibitions and Activities

We have a busy program in 2019 - ever evolving and dynamic - to hear the latest and to influence the way forward join us at the AGM on 10th October!

Tesselaar Sculpture Prize

John Bishop "Synergy"
The eleventh annual Tesselaar Sculpture Prize exhibition is underway in Silvan at the world famous Tulip Festival. Judging of the 2018 $20,000 acquisitive Tesselaar Sculpture Prize, has been completed.

As was to be expected, the judge, Michael Meszaros, had a very stimulating yet difficult exercise to undertake given the broad-ranging nature of the sculptures exhibited in the competition. He was very impressed by the quality, standard and styles of work presented and commented on the innovative and stimulating utilisation of media and presentation.

News and Alerts

This month we have our usual range of really interesting news... read on and find out more!

Annual Blacksmiths’ Convention
Celebrating 25 years of the Wandin Blacksmiths
When: 14th October 10.00am till 4.00pm
Where: 71 Wellington Road, Wandin North
What you get:
  • Free Entry
  • Free coffee and sausages
  • Blacksmiths demonstrating their skill
  • Rayner’s Orchard – one of the best stone fruit producers in the Yarra Valley
  • Medieval Re-enactment Group
  • Wood Turners
  • Yarra Valley Machinery Preservation Society
  • Knife making
  • Anvils, Forges, Tools for sale
Meridian Sculpture Foundry is offering discounts for ASV members for workshops in wax working and bronze casting - you can see their program here: http://meridiansculpture.com/sculpture-modelling-workshops/ Dates coming up are: August 11th & 12th, Sept 15th & 16th, Oct 13th & 14th, Nov 3rd & 4th, Dec 1st & 2nd You can also follow them on Instagram meridiansculpture