We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

From the President

Hi all,

January is nearly over and we have already held a successful exhibition at Herring Island.. Well done to all exhibitors and organisers. Now we have to get our creative juices flowing again. How hard that is at this time of year when it is hot, the tennis is on and we are trying to exercise to get rid if all the weight we put on over the festive season.

I am speaking from experience and finding it difficult to be creative. How great it is to have exhibitions to work towards. Entry forms are due for the Toorak Village exhibition and our own display at the International Flower and Garden Show.

Dates for your Diary

1 February Entries closes Toorak Sculpture Exhibition

3 February Visit to TarraWarra MUA

17 February Entries close ASV MIFGS exhibition

11 March - Heide Sculpture Tour costs $22 We need a group of 10 so contact Carmel 0414 996 207. 9444 1466) or Marija (0435 529 852) to confirm by no later than Mar 3.

MIFGS exhibition: 29 March to 2 April

Herring Island 2017

Ismiadi, his work and three of the four coordinators
Our first exhibition of the year was blessed with mild weather. Visitor numbers were lower than usual for the first few days - perhaps because the punt service was restricted by the build up of silt in the river. The punt operators coped with overheating engines and difficult landing access with calm and skill but a reduced trip frequency. Nevertheless the visitors who came were a pleasure

Closing soon - and more exhibitions to enter...

 There's a lot coming up - some deadlines very close - perhaps you have entered already:


Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture

The Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture highlights the importance of the aesthetic quality and liveability of the urban environment and its relationship with sculpture, in all its forms.

Alerts and Links

Here is a mystery bag of links that have come in over the last little while:

NAVA’s January campaign: Fair Pay for Artists: https://visualarts.net.au/news-opinion/2017/fair-pay-artists/

Welcome to New Member

Welcome to new member: Shlomit Moria
We look forward to meeting you and seeing your work in exhibitions
Rob Kendi ASV memberships

Artists' Moral Rights

Michael Meszaros and Gillian Govan worked together to draw attention to the lack of acknowledgment of sculptors’ authorship of their work in an article in the RACV magazine Royalauto. This action is one way that we can support each other as artists.

Exhibitions to See

There's the Campaspe River Walk and the Papermakers Exhibition to see - not to mention the rest of the Herring Island Summer Arts Festival with its changing offering of visual arts.

Campaspe River and Land Management Group is a not-for-profit group from the Kyneton community which was established 20+ years ago to clean up the river within the township of Kyneton so we could establish the afore mentioned river walk.

Visit to Exhibition of Bronwyn Oliver's Work at TarraWarra Museum of Art

Marg Carey saw the exhibition and is organising a visit - fast before the show closes on February 5.

"This is an exhibition not to be missed which sadly finishes on Sunday 5th Feb, so I am organising an ASV trip on Friday 3rd.

Bronwyn Oliver ( 1959 --- 2006 ) was an Australian sculptor who worked primarily in metal. She trained at Sydney's College of Fine Arts and London's Chelsea School of Art. Her major works can be found in most Australian capital cities plus NZ, and many galleries and private collections around the world. By 2006 she had held 80 solo exhibitions and group shows in the UK, Japan, France, Germany and China as well as her homeland. Interestingly Sonia Payes who was the guest speaker at the recent AGM, included Oliver in her book "Untitled: Portraits of 60 Australian Artists" which is an excellent read.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Lois Basham's picture from the "Santa drop off" at Herring Island
The year has already started with our busy Herring Island committee organising what will be a great exhibition. Entry forms are already available for the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and our Annual Exhibition Coordinator is already confirming plans for the venue of our exhibition. Several monthly meetings have been organised and interesting speakers and studio visits organised. And we are only a few days into 2017. Thanks to all who have contributed.

Deadlines for Entries Coming Up

The Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture highlights the importance of the aesthetic quality and liveability of the urban environment and its relationship with sculpture, in all its forms.

I want to let you know we will be launching a Registration of Interest (ROI) for the Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture 2017 & Awards on our website www.melbourneprize.org on December 12th. People will be able to email us and in doing so will receive the entry form when it is released early next year.

The 2017 program will be similar to 2014 but we have some exciting additions.

For further information and to register for entry information go to http://melbourneprizetrust.org/ and http://www.melbourneprize.org/

Media Release for "Circumstances"

You can see the invitation sent to our mailing list here
CIRCUMSTANCES is an exhibition of small sculptures in the gallery on Herring Island. The Island is in close proximity to the city in the Yarra River.

This Exhibition is run by the Association of Sculptors Victoria and is the first of a series in the Annual Herring Island Summer Arts Festival.
"Punch Out!" by Elnaz Nourizadeh Photograph Rob Anderson