We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

This Month's Featured Sculptor

Work by this month’s featured sculptor: Marija Patterson
“Eve’s shopping bag 2nd generation” c 2007.
A symbol of our world’s impact on the environment:
A white, genetically modified, apple in a coffin.
(Gypsum, steel, timber).

President’s Message for September

Gillian’s organised visit to Fundere Foundry has been a hit: see write-up below. Please respond to her.

Currently showing is the ASV supported Tesselaar sculpture exhibition, with Committee member Mark Cowie organising it, and ASV members making up 16 of the 31 finalists: see Mark’s description below. A total of 12 ASV members were mentioned in the detailed
“Judge’s Deliberation”. Please support the Exhibition.

The ASV Annual Exhibition is to open in Eltham from 6 to 31 October. Marija Patterson and her team have worked hard to make it a success. You are urged to support the ASV and attend the Official Opening by Pamela Irving on Saturday 9 October, 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.
Notices of the AGM have been issue to all members by mail, and electronically to those with email addresses. As a voluntary organisation, we rely on you as members to supply the management as well as the art of the ASV.

This month’s featured artist is Marija Patterson, an Emerging Artist. I was personally impressed in particular by her portrait commission shown below of Fred Chalupa, one of Marija’s clients- I have not often seen a 3D portrait as striking and alive as that.

We have been offered possibilities of 2 additional exhibitions, one a permanent display gallery for the ASV in the suburban area commencing this year, and one an annual exhibition in the country commencing 2011. Both will likely be for ASV members only, and we will advise members of developments.

Michael Meszaros has been providing advice and support to a new exhibition in South Australia, and an advertisement for the Robe Acquisitive Outdoor Sculpture Prize is included in the  Notices section.
…..Geoff Williams

ASV Recent Activities

Fundere Foundry Visit Sept 11: A group of 15 members enjoyed an interesting informative and exciting visit to Fundere. For those who arrived early it was an opportunity to wander round and investigate and ask questions. The tour itself included a pour which was really great as they were working on a huge sculpture of Mary McKillop. It was a great afternoon with new members and others who have not met each other before. Pity there wasn't a coffee shop nearby where we could go after and talk and socialise. I think at the end everyone agreed that bronze casting is very complex and we understood why the cost was so high. Cameron and Shaun were great and it was suggested we make it annual event. I would like feed back as I am happy to organise another tour this time next year.
Gillian Govan

ASV Coming Activities

Wednesday 29 September 2010: ASV Committee Meeting: if you have an issue that you would like discussed at this meeting, please contact a Committee Member as listed at the end of this newsletter, as soon as possible, and ask to have your subject tabled.

Wednesday 13 October 2010: Annual General Meeting: A talk by Ruth Lyon, a lively speaker from RMIT, will be included. So if you have questions on where you think sculpture is going as an art form, this is a time to raise them. The Agenda items for the business part of the meeting has been distributed by mail and email.

Wednesday 6 October to Sunday 31 October 2010: ASV Annual Exhibition at The Light Factory Gallery, 21 Brougham St, Eltham: organised by Marija Patterson and Beatrice Magalotti and Monica Mauer: 200 square metres indoors and another 200 square metres outdoors: see the Notice immediately below.

Saturday 13 November: Annual ASV Christmas function: midday, at home of Tim and Diane Kervin – details to be advised. Terrific hosts, gorgeous country setting and lots of fun & chat last year. And the wedge tailed eagles on occasional special appearances. Please come.

Saturday 15 January to Sunday 30 January 2011: Herring Island Summer Arts Festival: Article below by Jenny Rickards.

Herring Island Summer Arts Festival 2011

By now members will know that the ASV supports the Herring Island Summer Arts Festival as a regular event – in 2011 we will not only participate but we will be the lead exhibition - starting January 15th and running until January 30th. This will include Australia Day – so we have plenty of opportunity to maximise publicity and visitor numbers and also the responsibility to put on a great show.

There will be a formal opening this time as befits the launch of the festival – I'm in the process of finding an opener – no small task for January. There will be floor talks and demonstrations – all opportunities for you to shine.

Not everyone will be around for the set up – we need to share the task of bringing the work in and placing it to best advantage – so please don't refrain from exhibiting just because you will be away for the first weekend – we'll all help each other to get the show “on the road” - and if you can help at that time – even if you won't exhibit - your help will be appreciated and remember we usually have a lot of fun on the island – a bush holiday in the city.

Watch for the entry forms towards the end of October – see you on the island
Jenny Rickards
HISAF coordinator for the ASV

John Bishop demonstrating limestone carving Australia Day 2010

Other Activities Victoria

Tesselaar Sculpture Prize 2010

The third annual Tesselaar Sculpture Prize opened on 16 September with the exhibition of sculpture by 31 finalists. Included in the number of high-profile sculptors are 16 ASV members exhibiting their works in a unique and abundantly colourful landscape. All
exhibiting finalists are to be congratulated.
This year’s judge, Anton Hasell, had a very difficult task to undertake when he visited the exhibition the before the opening of the Tulip Festival. As Dr Hasell remarked in his judge’s report, “Of course selecting a single work to be added to the Tesselaar sculpture collection was difficult. The viewing public are sure to be as amazed and impressed as I was at the flights of invention and highly-skilled and loving-labour each artist has made visible in their sculpture.”
Dr Hasell submitted a very detailed report outlining his considerations and ultimate decision on the winner of the $7,500 Acquisitive Award. The final section of his report stated:
“I would like to highly commend two works that resonate with my experience of the tulip garden exhibition. They are the seductively surfaced work, Tula, by Diane Thompson and the sensitively forged mild steel and vivacious sculpture, Collective Unconscious #2, by Luke Rogers. I have selected for the Tesselaar Sculpture Prize 2010 Don Barrett’s five piece
moulded concrete Desert Dwellers. My selection is in response to the rich tactile surfaces, the forms that echo shapes to be found in the tulip flower itself and the earth colours that are as warm and variegated as the soils in which these tulips grow. I would have selected this work had only one of the elements been present, instead of the five pieces installed, because this bold and confident treatment of form and material pays a deep homage to these vibrant and fresh gardens. A homage inspired by, and guardian to, the gorgeous tulip flower.”
The Tulip Festival closes on Wednesday 13 October, so if you can arrange the time I suggest you get along and view some wonderful original works in a range of styles and media. Full details of the Tulip Festival program can be located at www.tesselaar.net.au A full copy of the report is available on request.
Mark Cowie
Tesselaar Sculpture Prize

Featured Sculptor: Marija Patterson

Marija Patterson (nee Kovacs) immigrated to Australia from Salzburg Austria with her parents in 1951, and was reared in Wagga Wagga. She enjoyed a scholarship to the National Art School Sydney for one year, but then forsook Art for marriage, children and a career in marketing, financial management and research administration.

In 1999, with no dependents, and under the inspiration of Ruth Hadlow of RMIT, she returned to studies in Art, and completed a 3 year full time Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture) and two years part time, graduating with first class honours, at RMIT.

She now operates from a shared warehouse of studios at Clifton Hill Melbourne on exhibition and commission work, teaches art to children with special needs, and is an active member of several amateur and professional artists’ associations. She has participated in exhibitions from 2006, and won the Tina Wencher Prize in the ASV Annual Exhibition in 2009. Her recent exhibition at Hawthorn’s Town Hall Gallery has resulted in many sales.

Marija’s activities in the ASV include active Committee membership, and Coordination of the ASV Annual Exhibitions in 2009 and 2010.

She observes in retrospect that her term at University was a vital step in widening her artistic appreciation as well as teaching physical skills. Her subsequent emergence as an artist involves portrayal and regeneration of her own life experiences: much of it concerned with the impact of the human footprint on a fragile natural world.

Whilst working in bronze, steel, clay and resin for her commissioned work, Marija prefers to re-use and reinvent everyday materials to emphasize the cyclical nature of life: “same atoms – different considerations”: to recycle, rather than create further waste. For example, she re-uses discarded plastic bags, shredded and crocheted to represent an apple, to create objects with their own message.

We wish Marija every success in her unfolding career.

Appreciation Note from a Client on a Sculpture

An Exhibitor, who is not a professional sculptor, recently received the following thanks from a
client. It is reproduced here on an anonymous basis to remind us all of the possible value of our work.
The work has been renamed “Tina” to maintain anonymity, which is at the sculptor’s request.
“I just wanted to personally say how beautiful & enigmatic I think Tina is, and thank you for
creating such a wonderful focal point for our garden. She has really brought the garden some ‘natural formality’ and she is positioned perfectly. I hope she likes her city view!
“Anyway I couldn’t be more pleased. She has re- inspired me over our hillside garden, everything here is hard fought, and I sometimes get dispirited as we try to carve a garden into the steep bushland. Now I only have to look at her to feel invigorated and enthused with possibility. So maybe she has a little of the ‘pioneer’ women spirit in her – I think particularly in this corner of the Dandenongs. European women (esp Dutch and English!) have been trying to create a little bit of Eden for the last 100 tears!
“We are going to get a little nameplate attached to her with your name, 2010, and ‘Tina’ if that is Ok.
“Will send you pics once the camera is operational.
”Many, many thanks for your wonderful talent.”



South Australia:
Robe Acquisitive Outdoor Sculpture Prize:

Submitted By: Southern Ocean Art Prize on Tue, 2010-09-07 16:09
Contact E-Mail : alex@smalltownproductions.com.au
Deadline Date : 4 February, 2011

Robe plays host to its inaugural Acquisitive Outdoor Sculpture Prize and is calling all artists to get inspired for the opportunity to win $5000 cash and have their winning sculpture on permanent display in the historic township along the picturesque walking trails and coastline.
Robe is a small, romantic and picturesque gem situated along the expanse of the Limestone Coast and the Great Southern Ocean. The somewhat 'remoteness' of our town from major cities has helped us preserve and maintain our heritage, our unique and quieter way of life and the ability to preserve the rugged beauty of our shores.
It is also for these reasons Robe is a major tourist destination. Visitor numbers in 2009 exceeded 30,000 people.
Application to exhibit in the prize is open to all emerging and established sculptors and artists are asked to work to a project brief and the theme Sunlight, Sand and Sea. All sculptures must be created from suitable and durable materials, which can be displayed permanently outdoors, near the ocean and in inclement weather in a highly public setting.
Prize Money: $5000 cash
Exhibition Dates: Friday 4 March - Tuesday 8 March 2011
Closing Date for Entries: Friday 4 February 2011
Location: Robe, South Australia
For a full description of the terms and conditions of entry, please contact the art prize coordinator: Alex Graham by email: alex@smalltownproductions.com.au or by phone: 4021 388 080.
Web Address : www.southernoceanartprize.com.au


New Members
Welcome to the following new members:
Betty Knight, Terry Barclay, Nicola Hoyle

Member Awards
Jenny Rickards has pointed out:
Robert Lee: Special Prize for most innovative use of materials: “Perseverance”
Van Phu Le: Highly Commended: “Reminiscence 2”
In The Contemporary Art Society of Victoria Inc Annual Exhibition 2010

Bayside Sculpture Group
Annual Exhibition 16b Advantage Rd Highett
Sept 19 to25

Bronze sculpture workshop
with Viktor Kalinowski at his studio in Cheltenham
Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th September
In this workshop Viktor will take you through the design process as the first step towards creating a medallion or small relief work in bronze using the ancient
method of sand casting.
This process includes making your design in plaster and a mould for the bronze.
You will then observe the pouring of molten metal.
Once your piece is cast finishing techniques will then include, chiseling, sanding, polishing, and finally patination.
Many of the above skills covered over the two days can be used within a home workshop.
Workshop designed for beginners or those wanting to explore a new medium, no prior skills needed.
Time: 10am 4.30pm Arrive at 9.45am for a 10am start.
Cost $295.00 All materials, use of studio, tools and equipment included.
Morning tea and lunch provided on both days.
Bookings essential as maximum of 9 people.
For information or to book call Viktor on 9584 4599 or email viktork@bluep.com
Give a workshop to a friend gift vouchers available. www.kalinowski.com.au

Overseas Travellers
Please submit Photographs and a short article on any Sculpture or other worthwhile Art that you see while travelling.

Calling all members
If you have a special quotation you'd like to share....use the newsletter
If you have anything for sale or want to buy...... use the newsletter
If you have a handy tip ......use the newsletter
If you have suggestions, views, concerns about the Association.......use the news letter
If you want to volunteer to help.....please use the newsletter
Gillian Govan

Thanks are due to this winery for their continuing support of ASV functions. KOOYONGA CHAPEL WINERY is next to a ribbon of bush that runs from the Great Australian Divide down to Benalla. It is a small winery owned and operated by the Saunders family. The winemaker is Barry Saunders. 20 acres are planted with equal areas of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. First plantings were in 2000. The mild
climate extends the ripening period and adds to the complexity and intensity of flavour in the grapes. See: www.kooyongachapel.com

Latest Edition of
“Sculpture + the enemies”.

See: www.sculptureandtheenemies.com.au
This latest edition includes:
  • Interviews with Jan King (NSW), Simon
Perry (Vic), Alex Seton (NSW).
  •  Gallery Exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne,
  • Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide. Significant commissions by MichaelMeszaros and Geoffrey Bartlett

    • Macquarie Sculpture Park

    •  Significant Exhibitions to Enter
  •  Some Auction Results


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