We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

Letter from the President

Gillian Govan
This has been an interesting month for the committee. We are now without a newsletter editor but Jenny Rickards has offered to step in and as you will see has done a sterling job at short notice. Also this month we have all been striving to get the new website launched. It is now well on the way and will be launched vey soon.

The March Meeting

Bayside Sculpture Gallery

On the 14th March the ASV monthly meeting was held at Bayside Sculpture, courtesy of sculptor and owner Gael O’Leary, and well attended by 23 members, thanks to the good work of Gillian Govan the President.

The April Meeting: 12th April at 7:30pm

Please note the change of day and date!

Thursday 12th April at 7:30pm
The Venue: Armadale Meeting Rooms; 2 Fulton St, Armadale
Melway Reference: Map 58 J7

This is a new venue - Jenny and Gillian checked it out - it is tucked in near a U3A centre and seems seems fairly central - if anything can ever satisfy our widespread membership; it has heating and cooling, a kitchen, tables and chairs, a whiteboard and projection screen - luxury!


Mark Cowie has done an amazing job with MIFGS. It is possibly due to his enthusiasm that so many outside sculptors are showing work with us - and congratulations to all the sculptors who rose to the challenge of the grand Central Boulevarde of the Carlton Gardens.

Notes from the ASV Committee Meetings

Wednesday, 5 October 2011.

John Ride tabled cash disbursements, P&L, Balance Sheet

Opportunities Outside the ASV

This section is for members to share any information that may come up - this one came to us through Gillian Govan:

Scope Art Award

Scope Gallery in Warrnambool is introducing an Art Award- Art Concerning Environment, which will highlight environmental issues and concepts. Warrnambool lies at the end of the Great Ocean Road in South West Victoria.

NAVA notes

NAVA has a fairly hefty program of professional development ideas. The most recent email that came out was about online promotion:

News Outside the ASV


On Sunday 4th March, a few hundred interested people gathered at the Patterson Road Station in Bentleigh, to witness the Official Opening of 150 square metres of mosaics on the walls of the underpass and the entrance to the station. (750 artists provided the works).

Sculpere February 2012

Jan Indrans's Suburban Relic. Photography Jan Indrans
Our cover features Jan Indrans's Suburban Relic.

President's Letter February 2012

Gillian Govan ASV President
This is my first letter to you as president. In fact it is my first time as a president. I have wondered why I am doing it but when there is a need it is difficult to say no.

Life is full of firsts…and if we didn’t take those first steps we would never achieve anything.


14th March Monthly ASV Meeting at Bayside Sculpture Studio.
Gael O’Leary has kindly agreed to open her studio and gallery for the ASV meeting. Bayside Sculpture was established to provide opportunities for emerging sculptors, particularly women, to further their artistic development, to create commissioned work,religious and other, of high standard and aesthetic quality and to offer opportunities for artists particularly sculptors to exhibit their work.

Herring Island Summer Arts Festival 2012 - until 1 April

Sculpture on the Stream
14th to 29th January
Gillian Govan enjoying the Festival
The Association of Sculptors exhibition again lead the Herring Island Summer Arts Festival. We hosted a suitable launch for the 2012 Festival MC’d by Gillian Govan in her first formal role as ASV president.

The ASV Meeting of 15th February 2012

The first meeting of the year was in a new location – the Masonic Hall Rowans Road Moorabbin. Sixteen sculptors found the place and enjoyed a great evening. The proceedings were a reminder that our greatest resource is our fellow members – the diversity of ideas, skills, tools and approaches to sculpture is a revelation and an inspiration.

Interview with Sculptor, Jan Indrans by Zoe Harrington

Inside Jan’s Studio with works in progress

Exhibition Opportunities and Notices from Outside ASV

 The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition.
This highly respected juried contest now in its 27th year is a great opportunity for juror-selected artists to advance their careers and to maximize exposure to collectors and the New York art scene.

Members News and Thanks

Above: ‘Foetus’ by Michael Mezaros, copper rod (45cm high
x 56cm wide x 51 cm deep) 2005, worked on together with
his daughter Kate, who brazed it all together. The idea came
from the indistinct images of our babies using ultrasound.
The imagination generated by the imperfect image.

Vision in Motion, Homage to Hungary
Works by Istvan Horkay, Andrew Mezei, Michael Meszaros and Istvan Orosz. This is an exhibition of works by artists who are either resident Hungarians or of direct Hungarian origin (Mezei and Meszaros).