We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

February Letter from the President

Dear Members and Friends,

In Sculpere May 2013 I discussed art as a means of communication. I would like to revisit that subject again in a small way with the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show around the corner. I am sure Mark Cowie has once again put together a great exhibition. Now it is the exhibitors turn. Apart from entering our work we can really communicate through it, ensuring the success of the exhibition. It is I know a great opportunity to meet other sculptors and compare notes and learn new techniques but it is also a great time to talk to the public about our work about sculpture and help to promote the Association of Sculptors.. So please let us enjoy our experience passing around peoples choice voting slips and sharing and selling our art.
Good luck to all

Gillian Govan

Dates for Your Diary

Mostly, meetings are held at the Ashburton Baptist Church Meeting Rooms entered from the Marquis Street car park. We commence at 7:30pm  
  • 9 March A visit to Bruce Armstrong’s studio 3-5 Hill St Cremorne. Bruce inspired us all when he spoke at the AGM - we’ll meet at 7:30pm. Please contact Gillian 0412 122 884 or Marija 0435 529 852 to confirm numbers.
  • 16 to 20 March MIFGS
  • April MIFGS recovery
  • 11 May
  • 8 June
  • 8 to 26 August Annual and Awards Exhibition

MIFGS 16 to 20 March 2016

As exhibitor, demonstrator or just there to cheer everyone along - you know MIFGS is a buzz of excitement. Watch out for the invitations to the presentation - and print one for each of the friends you invite along.

See you at the Carlton Gardens!
Early morning at the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

2016 Annual and Awards Exhibition

William Hoggan Thomas Medallion
We have good news regarding the Annual and Awards Sculpture Exhibition:

The same venue as last year has been secured at Bourke Place, 600 Bourke St, Melbourne. It is a little earlier in the year than the previous annual, running from Mon 8th to Frid 26th August 2016.

The February meeting: Glass Sculptor Kerry Strauss

Kerry showing Jo Felstead - Hill
one of her individual glass pieces,
with a texture not unlike the salt crusted
shapes that inspired her as a
little girl in the Malllee.
For our first meeting for the year we were treated to an inspiring and enthusiastic talk by glass artist Kerry Strauss. Kerry came to art late in life and completed a fine arts degree at RMIT in 2003. " I wanted to have something in my life that would inspire and challenge me " She said " and more importantly where ones age is an advantage rather than be a handicap.

Recent New Members

Welcome to four new members registered today.
Ms Alison Chalmers
Mr Wayne Thornbury
Ms Julie White
Serena Everill

and we look forward to seeing you at meetings and your work in exhibitions.
from Rob Kendi - membership officer

A Letter from France

 Vincent Tournebise visited us last year and gave talk on his work and life in France - it's a wonder we haven't all packed off to live in rural France by now. Here is a letter sent to Gillian recently:

Events, Opportunities and Exhibitions

A lot has floated across the screen this month. Not all of it is reported here - in fact it would pay to keep tabs on the Twitter feed on the right hand side of the newsletter website.  As for the rest - if it interests you then follow it up. And let us know what you find out - the good, bad and sculptural all gain from the sharing of knowledge.

A Letter from the President

Dear Members and Friends,

As I sat browsing through a magnificent book called Sculpture Today that I was given as a birthday gift I decided I would share the Forward note with you.

"SCULPTURE TODAY by Judith Collins is a survey of astonishing changes that the art of sculpture has undergone from the 1960s onwards. Written from a global perspective and generously illustrated with almost 500 images, this seminal book takes the reader on a breathtaking journey through a story of evolving and often revolutionary attitudes to materials, methods and ideas. The result of these explorations is a vast diversity of contemporary art in three dimensions.

Dates for your diary

Meetings are held at the Ashburton Baptist Church Meeting Rooms entered from the Marquis Street car park. We commence at 7:30pm
  • 10 February monthly meeting. This promises to be really inspiring: Kerry Strauss will talk about her glass work and process. The meeting will be held in the large room at the end of the corridor at the Ashburton Baptist Church Centre
  • Closing date for entering MIFGS 2016 is 12 February
  • 9 March monthly meeting
  • 16 to 20 March MIFGS
  • 8 to 26 August Annual and Awards Exhibition

Kerry Strauss - our speaker on 10 February

Kerry Strauss in a glass artist and her website is here:

Quoting from her site:

I began my fascination with the medium of glass, when I did an elective at the Meat Market warm glass studio at RMIT.

From my home studio in East Brunswick, I explore the medium of glass in my sculpture practise and I design and make kiln formed bowls, vases and platters, as well as windchimes made from recycled glass bottles

In my sculpture practice I explores the theme of transformation as I takes old vases, bowls and bottles and fires them to melting point in the kiln over a wire framework. The origins of each piece of glass are unknown so the resulting piece is completely unique.

The meeting will be held in the large room at the end of the corridor at the Ashburton Baptist Church meeting rooms - where we held the AGM. So there will be room for everyone!

See you there at 7:30pm on Wednesday 10th February for our first meeting of 2016.

MIFGS 16 to 20 March 2016


Herring Island 2016

The sculpture exhibition on Herring Island has now wrapped up. It was a great show and well received.

We sold five works and ran a People’s Choice Award for the first time. Images will be loaded onto the ASV website soon and can already be seen in the side bar of the newsletter site http://sculperenewsletter.blogspot.com.au.

Opportunities to see, to do, to enter...

As it says in the headline - to see, to do, to enter... and due to the lateness of the newsletter you haven't much time for some of them - so read (all of) this soon.