We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

Acting President's Message

This news letter contains a summary of the main points arising at Committee meetings. We shall endeavour to keep the members up to date in future.
Members are reminded to attend and support the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, April 1-5 in Carlton Gardens.
Members are asked to help Committee members in Leon Frankcom’s “Phone-around” exercise (see Committee Meeting extracts below) as far as they are able, bearing in mind that the personnel shortage is acute. We need an apprentice Membership Officer now, to take over that role from 1 July, and a Treasurer from about end August. In the absence of volunteers willing and able to meet the requirements of these positions, we shall have to employ professional personnel, and run down financial reserves and/or increase fees. Please contact the Membership Officer and Treasurer if you have computer skills and are able to help.
Members have been circulated to ask their preference on the Constitution membership clause, if they wish a change to be made. The change would concentrate voting power with sculptor members. Emails have been sent March 18, and postal advices to those without email were sent on March 17. An Extraordinary General Meeting will be held in May to implement a preferred change.
Leon Frankcom has compared sample searches on the Services and Supplies Directory with the same searches on Google and finds the Directory to be a winner in terms of ease of use and results. The Directory needs updating and marketing. Please contact Jenny Rickards if you can help. Copy of detailed report can be obtained from Leon Frankcom after April 1.
Suzanne Kaldor organised a very interesting and professional talk by Robert Lee this month, and this is commented upon by Patrick below.
Geoff Williams, Acting President

ASV Diary Dates

Meetings are held in the Boroondara Community Arts Room, rear 360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn and start at 7:30pm.

*Entries close for the CAS collectors exhibiton on 2nd April

1st to 5th April

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. RSVP 9857 9153 for presentation event/party.

No monthly meeting in April

Monthly Meeting 13th May

talk by Graeme Wilkie about his monumental ceramic and sculptural pieces.

Annual Exhibition 2009

Entries Close 5th June

This year the annual exhibition will be held at Manningham Gallery, 699 Doncaster Road, Doncaster from 15th to the 31st July. Entries close on 5th June. Entry forms and conditions of entry are available at

www.sculptorsvictoria.asn.au/aae_2009_entry.pdf and

www.sculptorsvictoria.asn.au/aae_2009_conditions.pdf and will be posted to members shortly.

Monthly Meeting 10th June

Annual Subscription Renewals 30th June

March Meeting – Talk by Robert Lee

Robert Lee – a Perspective on Installations Wednesday the 11th March at the monthly meeting our new Activities co-ordinator – Suzanne Kaldor – had organised a very interesting talk by Robert Lee. Robert is a member of the ASV and many other Arts organisations. He is a mixed media artist - working with unusual combinations of 'found' materials. He draws upon his training in ceramics, sculpture, photography, printmaking, painting & drawing to create rich and resonant works. His illustrated talk on “Installation Art” was highly informative and well presented. He took us through the begins of this art form with illustrations of work by such people as Judy Chicago (her famous "Dinner Party"), Christo (wrapping half the Sydney coast line in 1968), Barbara Kruger (text based installations) and the extraordinary forms of Rachel Whitehead (cast negative spaces) Rachel had literally torn houses down to extract her mouldings of the “negative space” under the stairs! Then there was the explosive work (literally and metaphorically) of Cornelia Parker who must have spent thousands of hours reconstructing a life size three dimensional picture of an exploding garden shed just milliseconds after ignition. Every piece meticulously gathered and hung in the exact spot as recorded by high speed cameras. Installation for a show took her one month! Others followed including, Christian Boltanski ("Missing people" installations) and Australians Lauren Berkowitz (seed/pollen/transient art), Rosalie Gascoigne (Mixed media works), Gwyn Hansenn Piggott (ceramic installations), and Bill Viola (video art). Robert finished with pictures of his own work and discussed his thought process behind many of them. He included his “Golden Vessels" installation which was exhibited overseas. Our thanks go to Robert for the time and effort put into the preparation of the talk and to Suzanne for organising it.
Patrick Culshaw

Constitution – Membership Clauses

At last the vote for the possible alternative clause is with you. Remember to vote before April 1 – returns to John Bishop 17 Edmonds Avenue, Ashwood 3147. The alternatives have been sent to you – a summary also exists on my personal website: http://www.members.optusnet.com.au/jrickards/membership_clause/

Jenny Rickards

Minutes of Committee Meetings

10th DECEMBER 2008.
Cheque Signatories:
Geoff Williams, Patrick Culshaw, Marija Patterson, and Leon Frankcom were appointed.
Cash Prizes Offered by Galleries at Exhibitions:
A Gallery may be invited to offer a cash prize only to the Sculptor deemed to be the winner of the particular section of the exhibition the Gallery wishes to support; if the Gallery wishes to exhibit the winning artist’s work in their Gallery, and then this is a matter between the Sculptor and the Gallery.
Postal address of ASV:
To be the address of the current Secretary.
Ronit has indicated that she can do only half a year in 2009 as Membership Officer, and an Apprentice shall be sought.
Member Contact:
4 members of the Committee shall take 25+ members each of the 109 registered members and conduct a “Phone-around” to elicit what the members particular skills and interests are that could be a resource for ASV, and to try and gain their help in some part of our ASV activities during the year.
Financial Budget for 2009:
The Budget proposed for 2009 by the Treasurer was accepted.
21ST JANUARY 2009.
Cheque Signatories:
The four signatories proposed in the previous meeting were confirmed, of which any two are required to sign cheques
MIFGS Exhibition:
Patrick reported an increase in prize money had been negotiated with ING, and this will become permanent. ING have also agreed to last year’s revised split up of commission, to ASV benefit. Without Pier Gallery has agreed to again sponsoring the Emerging Sculptor Award. The venue is the same as last year, with the same gazebo and more space than last year. Deborah Halpen will be Judge. A function will be held at La Notte again.
Annual Exhibition:
Marija advised booking of the new venue in Doncaster had been confirmed with payment of a deposit.
Susan Kaldor’s offer to undertake the role of organising activities for monthly meetings was accepted, subject to the understanding that it is not necessary to have an activity every single month.
Committee appointments
Michael Meszaros agreed to be an Ordinary Member of the Committee on confirmation of Denise’s resignation.
Ronit Freedman was appointed as Membership co-ordinator until 30/6/09.
Jenny Rickards was appointed Web Site Co-ordinator for 2009 and 2010.
Patrick Culshaw was appointed as MIF&GS co-ordinator into 2010.
Mark Cowie was appointed as co-ordinator for Tesselaar Exhibition 2009.
Marija Patterson was appointed as co-ordinator for the Annual Exhibition for 2009, on the understanding of support from Gillian Govan and Bronwyn Culshaw.
Membership clauses:
Leon will circulate all known options to the Committee for their consideration that some definite order can be placed before a meeting of members in the near future.
Policy and Procedures:
The Secretary circulated bound copies of the first edition of the Policy and Procedures Manual.
Paid Help:
The Acting President related feedback on contact with a professional service organisation.
Jenny began the meeting with the statement that in her opinion we had the options of
(a) Rebuild and continue up-dating the present Web site although we should be ready to go to the next generation; we could keep going for years with “gentle handling”.
(b) Set up a “new generation” professional Web Site, possibly with a cost of $10,000 to $15,000, as a ball park figure.
Further observations were:----
*The present Web Site is probably better in its final product than the web sites of other sculptural organizations, and there are no known capacity problems, but the Web Site has significant weaknesses:
* It was developed about 10 years ago;
* There are substantial difficulties of data entry
* There is no documentation of Web Site programs and use.
*David is Web Master and is not able to make developments such as we want due to his lack of time; he alone has complete access to the Web Site.
* It is unlikely any other Web Site Developer would be willing to make significant developments on the existing web site, due to its complexity; their preference would almost certainly be for a re-build.
Minutes of Previous Meeting
A correction was to be made to No.2, 21st Jan. minutes that Patrick be included in signatories and therefore five signatories exist instead of four.
Treasurer’s report:
The Treasurer noted that the main extra cost was for the Special General meeting for the Constitution. Treasurer’s report was accepted.
Policy and Procedures
The updated P and Ps were received by each member
89 entries, 9 are non-members, 3 Interstate. Gazebo and permits obtained.
Annual Exhibition:
Manningham Gallery in Doncaster will be the venue this year for the Annual Exhibition. Gallery hours are 11.00am to 5.00pm. Prizes are---MG-WHT First--$1000, Second--$500, TW--$1000 and $500
Members Meetings
The Committee agreed that it is our Policy that a Committee member should always represent the ASV Committee at each Members' meeting. The Committee member would welcome the presenter, introduce the presenter and Suzanne to the group, and give a brief summary of up-coming events and services available to all members. The ASV Committee member would close the Members' Meeting.
Web Site:
It was resolved that Committee members would each attempt, through contacts, to ascertain cost estimates of establishing a new web site, seeking cost of involvement, cost of a range of whatever options offered, determining if and what the web site is and if it provides a suitable date base structure. Interconnection to members' work is important.
Other Business:
Leon was asked by the Acting President to compare searches using our Service and Supplies Directory against Google.

Opportunities for Sculptors

situate - an international sculpture competition for Perth’s premier civic space.

The Western Australian Government is undertaking an open competition for a major public art commission for Forrest Place, Perth.

The project has been designed to encourage innovative partnerships between artists and other design professionals. The competition process will identify a multidisciplinary team that brings originality and design excellence to the project.

This is the largest single commission undertaken in Western Australia. It is anticipated that the commission budget of AUD$1,000,000 will attract a high standard of entries.

Closing date for Stage 1 entries: 20th May 2009

For further information go to the competition website at: www.situate.dca.wa.gov.au


Guildford Lane Gallery is seeking a sculptor to exhibit their work at very short notice, installing next week on Tuesday 31 March 2009.
GLG is a for hire space that opening on 31 July 2008 and with 3 floors (approx. 650m2) of exhibition space we still have some spaces available in our 2009 program. Some of these spaces are offered at discounted rates (depending upon the notice given) and in this instance the hire fees have been waived completely. Instead of the hire fees, work is exhibited on the agreement that a 30% Gallery commission will apply to all sales. There are no artist fees available however we hope that someone will relish the opportunity to display their work, it is a particularly good opportunity for sculptors that work in large scale.
The current space available is for 31 March - 20 April and is suitable to large scale sculptural work/s, with a 3.5m high ceiling and forklift access if necessary. An opening will occur at 6pm Thursday 2 April to coincide with the opening of 2 solo exhibitions by James Rowell and Margreet Dubbelaar. The exhibition will continue until Sunday 19 April, the Gallery will be closed over the Easter weekend.

Yolande Pickett

20-24 Guildford Lane, Melbourne 3000 Australia
PO Box 12179 a’Beckett St., Melbourne 3008
Ph 61 3 9642 0042 Mobile 0422 442 363


Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award

A Creative Deakin initiative

The Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award is an acquisitive award for small sculptures. One outstanding entry will be awarded $10,000. The award winning sculpture will become part of the Deakin University Art Collection.

Deakin University has considerable strengths in arts and entertainment management, heritage and museum studies, and creative arts.

This exhibition is aimed at supporting contemporary artists, promoting close links with industry and involving past and present students in the event.

Applications for the award will close on 15 July 2009 with the winner being announced at the opening of a six week exhibition of finalists on 21 October 2009. The exhibition will be held at the Deakin University Art Gallery.

Please email Jennifer Treloar to obtain an entry form on jennifer.treloar@deakin.edu.au

Don't miss out on your opportunity to participate in this exciting initiative.

Leanne Willis

Manager, Art Collection and Galleries

Deakin University


Artists' run Gallery at Mordialloc is open for proposals. Rental fee is $150/week minimum 2 weeks duration. No commission taken but artists have to man it at the nominated times four days a week. Hanging devices, 3 movable walls, and 12 display boxes are part of the gallery. For more information Email Suzanne or ring on mobile 0419 591 046.


Carving timber - Unseasoned oak logs
750 diameter 1 to 2 meters long,
500mm diameter 2meters long,
free pick up in Mooroolbark
Brian Jackson
9726 7842, 0408 368 697

News and Events

Abbotsford Convent is celebrating its 5th Birthday - Rough Diamond :: Convent Cornucopia 2009 is the Annual Gala Fundraising Event produced by the Abbotsford Convent Foundation (ACF) – a not-for-profit organisation responsible for the development of a community-owned arts, culture and learning precinct. Convent Cornucopia is held every year on 24 April (Anzac Eve) – the date that ‘the keys’ to the Convent were handed over to the ACF following a remarkable seven year battle to save the Abbotsford Convent site from inappropriate development.
This year, The Abbotsford Convent is celebrating her 5th birthday as a community-owned cultural asset. To book or for further information contact Abbotsford Convent Ph. 9415 3600 info@abbotsfordconvent.com.au
We have been contacted by Sitco Australia regarding importation of
"Solomon Queen Ebony"
from the Solomon Islands.
This is most likely the second hardest commercially available species in World next to Lignum Vitae, we have been getting a lot of interest and impressive feedbacks from our major and custom luthiers (electric, bass, double bass, acoustic and classical guitars), as well as our flute and clarinet makers and wood turners in Australia.
The timber has very similar appearance and properties as African Blackwood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon). It grows in same environment and trees have similar appearance. Solomon Queen Ebony trees are mostly older than African Blackwood.
For more info on what species our company offers and is about please visit our website on: www.sitcoaustralia.com.au
Bulleen Art and Garden has a new exhibition running: Cabbages; a Pictorial meditation; Mosaics and Clay Sculpture. Works shown are by Wendy Steer, Jenny Overton and Meredith Plain.
BAAG's workshops are exciting as ever: in limestone, ceramic sculpture, mosaics, Bonsai and sustainable gardening.
Dry Stone Walling Workshop
International Specialised Skils is offering a dry stone walling workshop on 2nd May 2009. The course will be run by David Long and costs $180 – or $150 if you register before 17th April. It will be held in Rowville – more information: www.issinstitute.org.au

New Member

This month we welcome new ASV member: Beatrice Magalotti