We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

All the Winners...

On the evening if 25th March, Judge Gael O'Leary announced the prizes in the three sections of the sculpture exhibition at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2015. Congratulations to all the winners - and the all the sculptors contributing work to this show - a great achievement!

1ST PRIZE ($1,000) No. 24 Polished Flower (Gavin Roberts)

Polished Flower (Gavin Roberts)

2nd PRIZE ($250) No. 2 Bloom # 4 (John Bishop)

Bloom #4 (John Bishop)

HIGHLY COMMENDED No. 7 Rhythmic Flow (Betty Collier)

Rhythmic Flow (Betty Collier)

1ST PRIZE ($1,000) No. 42 Mosaic Turtle (Michelle Day)
Mosaic Turtle (Michelle Day)
2nd PRIZE ($250) No. 95 Rat Race (Todd Stuart)
Rat Race (Todd Stuart)
HIGHLY COMMENDED No. 51 Grace (Gillian Govan)
Grace (Gillian Govan)

1st PRIZE ($1,000) No. 99 Hunter (Damian Vick)
Hunter (Damian Vick)
2nd PRIZE ($250) No. 71 Embark (Damian Bateson)
Embank (Damian Bateson)
HIGHLY COMMENDED No. 75 Balancing Opposites (Mark Cowie)
Balancing Opposites (Mark Cowie)

Photography by Rob Anderson

Sculptors at the 2015 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show: Bronwyn Culshaw

Queen of the Desert (limestone, glass mosaic)
After 40 years in the business world it was time for a change: Bronwyn studied limestone carving with Kevin Free; ceramic sculpture for several years with Klaus & Ingrid Dusselberg at Studio 32; sculpture at Viktor Kalinowsky’s Bronze Age Studio; life modelling with Andrea Baker and mould-making with Robin van Velsen. Highlights have been a three day workshop with Akio Takamura (visiting Japanese and New York sculptor) and a visit to France with a week in the 'Atelier' of Aldo Caradonna.

Her interest in art started as a child but sculpture started only in the last several years. She is primarily a sculptor of limestone, birds and nudes in particular, and has found that clay has liberated her and enabled her to escape to a world of fantasy - her “Alice in Wonderland” organic teapots evoke many a childhood memory and raise a bit of a chuckle.

Bronwyn is now putting her energies into mosaics particularly those covered in mosaic glass. She's also exploring the freedom of wire and cement fondue as a medium.
Chicky Babe (limestone, glass mosaic
Bronwyn has been a winner of the Manyung Prize at the 2005 Frankston International Guitar Festival Art Exhibition, and also a winner of the Northcote Pottery Prize for Best Ceramic work at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show Sculpture Exhibition 2006.

With Bron and husband Patrick's previous history in curating MIFGS exhibitions Bron's contribution towards our ASV PR campaign for the 2015 MIFGS Exhibition has been invaluable, including the rallying of our guest exhibitors who will be a real highlight this year - Thank you!


Here is Julie Latimer, superb mosaic sculptor, installing her ASV MIFGS entry, 'Ball and Chain' - a reminder to watch your purchases as possessions can become larger than life and end up possessing you!! 

See these sculptures from Wednesday 25th March - Sunday 29th March in the Royal Exhibition Gardens in Carlton - Remember to vote for the People's Choice.

Sculptors at the 2015 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show: Lawrence Marshall

Marshall's interest in art began at a very early age but took many years to develop and fulfil his creative interest. Through his background in farming, practical solutions to problems led him to implementing several new inventions, for which he was awarded the prestigious Hugh McKay state award for innovation and contribution to agriculture in Victoria in 1994. He successfully invented and designed agricultural machinery and in 1992 & 1993 he won “Inventor of the Year” in Australia and New Zealand. He has always loved working with timber enjoying itʼs supple but strong contrasting qualities, implementing themes of form and all things “old”, he was able to work on several heritage boats to express those inner desires.
Aussie Mozzie

 The nature of animals and birds strongly appeals to him as subjects because of the contrasts they present - their strength and power coupled with their survival instincts and subtle ingenious mannerisms. Through carving, chiseling and welding he has sought to create and explore the fluid, spontaneous movement observed in animals and birds living on the land. Marshall hopes to further develop his skills, techniques and conceptual understanding to take creativity to “the next level”. He believes participation and ongoing involvement with other artists and sculptors is one way of achieving this! In processing his work through recycled timber and metal, such as springs, horse shoes, scarifier points, cutlery, etc, he uses the technique of mig welding to structure a strong skeleton to form the size and shape of the bird or animal to be sculptured.
Toad Stool Family

He then covers the frame with the chosen medium until it is completely covered, finishing it with an exterior lacquer-resistant oil to weather proof the item against rust and UV rays, giving the sculpture a natural look that blends into the rural landscape. Marshall continues to show in major exhibitions andgalleries of N.S.W and Victoria.

Sculptors at the 2015 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show: Todd Stuart with Colin Walangari Karntawarra McCormack

Born in 1970 in Perth, Western Australia, Tod was greatly influenced by his father (a secondary school teacher in manual arts) and spent a lot of time in his workshop, experimenting & creating in many different mediums, which he has continued to do so. 
He has been recognised & awarded prizes for his work since the age of 11 for craftsmanship to several awards from the Furniture Industry Association Australia at 17, for best design innovation crafted for leather upholstery.  He completed his study of Industrial Design at Curtin University Perth Western Australia in 1992. Initially employed as creative designer at “ARTIFEX AUSTRALIA” he introduced new innovative ranges of upholstered commercial furniture. In 1994 Todd commenced his own business “FURNITURHAUS” which focused on creating & implementing bespoke furniture designs for some of the highest profile Interior designers, Architects & projects Australia wide. In 2005 Todd gained a substantial project in the Middle East that saw him set up a new business in Dubai. His success he determines is due to his being part of the sculpture process from conception to finalisation, worthy of his final signature.  A new business initiative has arisen in which Todd has been selected to join  “MAINARTERY STUDIO” - created to collectively support & assist the promotion of high calibre sculpture artworks.  
"Dreamtime" - a contemporary representation of Aboriginal spirituality, in images of family, bush tucker, bush medicines, water holes and campsites.
This beautiful work entered in the 2015 MIFGS Exhibition exemplifies the very exciting collaboration between Todd Stuart and renowned Aboriginal painter,

COLIN WALANGARI KARNTAWARRA McCormack  - in partnership with Todd Stuart, to create Aboriginal Sculpture.
Born in 1961, Walangari is an Australian Aboriginal elder from Alice Springs who now lives and works in Sydney. He is also a talented musician and dancer, teacher and public speaker; has Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees and an Associate Diploma of Aboriginal Education.
Walangari has held many executive positions and been the director of various Aboriginal councils:  chaired CAAMA (first Aboriginal owned radio station); was a director of the first Aboriginal television station, Imparja; is committed to improving the lot of his people and helping to ensure the voice of Aboriginal Australia is heard.  He is an international award winning 'Central Western Desert' painter and his colourful and spellbinding works tell the traditional Dreamtime Stories of the world’s oldest living culture, he regards his art as a means of cross-cultural communication ... It was the legacy of his famous 'great-grandfather’, Albert Namatjira and the inspiration of his 'grandfather’ Clifford Possum that encouraged him to paint. 
In 1995 he painted the first prize for the inaugural Indigenous Surfing Competition sponsored by Billabong and Coca Cola; his life and paintings have been featured in many TV programmes & publications, including the “International Artist” magazine.
The Australian Museum featured Walangari in the CD ROM that they produced as part of their Living Colour exhibition in March 2000 and in 2003 he was commissioned to paint a work for the Rugby World Cup Paris Exhibition. In the same year his work featured in the annual selling exhibition Art Paris in the Carrousel du Louvre.  The National Gallery of Australia has acquired one of his early works.
With Todd's sculptural expertise, he is finally realising his Dreamtime stories:  "Art for Aboriginal people is like our heartbeat and we must continue to be artistic or we will die spiritually and lose our souls".
Todd emphasises that the creative process itself is in-depth & consumes a considerable amount of resources, skill and time, nonetheless in his deep  appreciation of the nature of Walangari's Aboriginal stories, he has been able to emulate them through the timeless nature of the quality materials used in both works ... 

Sculptors at the 2015 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show: Jean Sheridan

Born and educated in Melbourne, Jean has made her living through working in a number of different mediums: chainsaw carving (wood), concrete rendering and sculpting, casting, ceramics, mosaics, felt making, mural painting, print making, stencilling, drawings and water colours. In 1987 she graduated from Chisholm Institute of Technology, Caufield with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture.

 From Monash University in 1990 she graduated with a Diploma in Sculpture. For many years she worked with community groups and disengaged youth ("enjoying their trickiness"!). Since 2004, after completing a teaching degree, she ran the Arts/Technology Dept at a local government secondary college where she introduced many new artistic concepts resulting in a vibrant new faculty of very keen students. Jean continues her own private arts practice and giving demonstrations, as well as being involved in solo and group exhibitions and at the moment is taking a year off to explore the inspirations she has got from working with adolescents ... "Making art is exciting, you don’t know where you are going or where you will end up. Do I do art to say something to others or, to myself? All this is not resolved but I love doing it!" Jean has always been interested in the mother-earth figure, the creator, which she redefines through simple feminine images and floating symbols. "City Spirit" (ceramic slip, 45 x 15) 'Joyce' "Fish have always featured in my work, perhaps as a symbol of childhood innocence, the spiritual presence, the greatness that is nature?" This work (apx 2.2 metres tall) was sold to New York. Jean has been involved in so many different art forms during her life, most notably chainsaw sculpturing as she was the first Australian female chainsaw sculptor, performing at various workshops and demonstrations in schools and around Victoria.

She has had many solo and group exhibitions of her work both in Australia and Overseas, and no doubt will continue to do so. Do watch out for Jean this year at the MIFGS ASV Sculpture Exhibition, she will be there all five days generously demonstrating her sculpture skills in limestone.

Judge for the 2015 ASV MIFGS Awards: Gael O'Leary

Judge for the 2015 ASV MIFGS Awards:

The beautiful, realist sculptures of Gael O’Leary are well known to the many who visit the schools, hospitals, churches and public spaces that her large scale works adorn. For the last thirty years these major commissions have drawn on her devotional background and reflect her deep interest in spirituality and social justice. The picture shows her at work on her current project, a giant clay figure from the 'Song of Miriam' which, with two more large format relief figures, will be cast in bronze for Our Lady of Sion School, Box Hill, Melbourne. Its massive size of the 4500 x 8000 x 150 is testament to the painstaking detail and level of skill required to achieve the astonishing inner energy and flowing lyricism that this large scale figure already radiates. New Zealand born Gael was a teacher, painter and printmaker with a Master of Arts before she came to Australia in 1994 to complete a Master of Fine Art, Sculpture at the Victorian College of Art, Melbourne University.

In 1996 Gael was Co-Director of the Mercy Art and Creativity Centre, Black Rock Melbourne. From 2005 until mid-2009 Gael managed the Bayside Sculpture Centre in Highett, Melbourne (a ministry of Nga Whaea Atawhai o Aotearoa Sisters of Mercy New Zealand). In 2009 Gael acquired the business, still called Bayside Sculpture. This unique place caters for six resident sculptors and many students and professional artists who work across a multitude of mediums and forms. As a much loved and respected teacher Gael encourages, supports and challenges the entire Bayside cohort to express their own individual essence and to honour that endeavour in each other.

(Right) Gael with the maquette of “Family” (2000 x 1200 x 700 mm), an outdoor bronze for the Mater Hospital, Mackay.

(Left) One of Gael's clay figures (4500 x 8000 x 150 mm) for a bronze wall relief for Our Lady of Sion School, Box Hill, Melbourne.

Sculptors at 2015 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show: Clare Collins

"Bellagio Woman"
Based in Melbourne, Australia, Clare works in a style best described as abstract figurative sculpture. 

Clare works in clay, plaster and stone. Most of her limestone sculptures have been designed to enhance private gardens and are suitable for outdoor settings. 

“When chiseling in stone, I enjoy exploring the natural quality and limitations of the material while trying to transform it from a rigid block into a work of flowing movement and grace. I also like the interaction viewers have with my works - to feel the irresistibility to touch and embrace the smoothness of my work’s surface”.

Most of Clare’s unique works are inspired by the natural sensuality and curvature of the human figure. Clare likes to convey an evocative mood or emotion, typically found in the line and form of the female nude.

With a Fine Arts Honours Degree, University of Melbourne (1985), Clare has been a student at Bayside Sculpture since 2012, has completed a marble sculpture course in Carrara, Italy, 2013 and is a member of the Association of Sculptors of Victoria.

Pictures of Clare’s works can be found at www.sculptorsvictoria.asn.au

Sculptors at 2015 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show - Jocelyn Hee

Originally from Malaysia Jocelyn Hee came to live in Australia as an 11year old. She is now a ceramic artist working from her studio in Melbourne, her inspirations often being influenced by the multiplicity of her heritage cultures. She is enamoured by imaginative whimsical creations: cute, pretty things in cheerful bright colours. She is fascinated by garden sculptures, for she loves unexpected things poking out of a garden - a magic mushroom, a fairy or sprite; she is inspired by the mysteries of the woods and forests. Her current work is mainly in earthenware, slips and underglazes. Apart from garden sculptures, she makes jewellery and wearable art as well as functional but beautiful wares like bowls, cups, pots and spoons.

Jocelyn wrote a poem inspired by the reflection behind her recent sculpture for the MIFGS Exhibition, that appeared like a full moon:

"Beneath the silvery moon lit night,
there I slept and dreamt,
that my little feathered friend came back
and sat by my side ALL through the night.

He watches over me (unfired at the time of the image)
But when morning’s first light appeared
He quietly took flight and disappeared,
For when I awoke he was no longer by my side,
Just a soft breeze and a light blue feather falling gently right before my sight"

Sculptors at the 2015 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show - Graham Duell

Graham Duell is a Ceramic Sculptor who exhibits throughout Victoria, including Gippsland. Graham’s intention is to make sculpture that causes a smile! Using hand built and press moulding techniques, his pieces include Australian native animal and bird life, or larger figurative garden pieces; large quirky figures, Asian-inspired pieces or whimsical wildlife. He also enjoys making portrait busts of pets, adults and children, including his 10 grandchildren.

Pieces are fired to mid-range and stoneware temperatures to become weather and waterproof. He makes occasional commissioned sculptures, so please contact him at g_duell@bigpond.com


Sculptors at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2015: Elnaz Nourizadeh

Monica and Elnaz (right) ready to help clay modelling
at Herring Island in January 2015
Elnaz was born in 1985 in Tehran, Iran. She started art and ceramic work in 2006 under the supervision of Maryam Salour, one of the leading ceramicists and sculptors in Iran. Elnaz arrived in Melbourne in 2013.

"I work predominantly with clay and glazes as main medium because it gives me freedom and allows me to create any shape I desire, I also include wood or metal occasionally in some of my Art pieces.

Each of my sculptures manifests a period in my life; emotions, everything I feel, see and experience.

Overtime my sculptures have transitioned from statements about restrictions in my life to ideas of freedom and breaking the barriers.

In this period of my life most of my feelings and emotions were affected by the move to the new free country and getting out of the limited environment and my sculptures demonstrate all previously hidden feelings.

"Punch Out" Elnaz Nourizadeh fired ceramic

In the sculpture that I exhibit in The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, I  present a person (the bird) breaking out of the rules and boundaries and leaving them behind for a free life.


President's Letter for February 2015

Herding Cats – an air traffic controller’s story.

One of my roles as president is to organize committee meetings and recently my efforts bore no fruit to which one of the committee summed up my predicament with the metaphor ‘herding cats’. So it is in this context that I wish to indulge your attention briefly. Cats by their individualistic nature are not too dissimilar to an artist’s temperament both it would seem defy restraint and rounding up and its cool to be a cat. My role it would seem as president does not employ a shepherds crook but the skills of an air traffic controller! On this basis I would like to briefly draw attention away from your singular flight paths and for you to take heed of conditions here on the ground.

Dates for your Diary

  • Saturday14 March visit to McClelland Gallery
  •  MIFGS 25 to 29 March 2015
  •  8 April monthly meeting. To be confirmed: at the Ashburton Baptist Church Meeting Rooms a talk from CMP stone more information from www.cmpstone.com.au
  • 13 May monthly meeting - stand by for announcement!

The February Meeting

The February Meeting

On Wednesday 18th February we met at Ashburton Community Baptist Centre.

The meeting was well attended by members and non- members. Vincent Tournebize spoke passionately about his life and work in France.

The March Meeting - Visit to McClelland Gallery and Survey

Visit to McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Survey

The March monthly meeting will be the second visit to the McClelland Gallery and Survey Exhibition

Saturday 14th March 2pm @ $7 per head plus extra for afternoon tea.

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2015

MIFGS 2015
25 to 29 March

Congratulations to everyone who got work into the show.. may good fortune and happy visitors grace your efforts!

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Could all sculptors please check their profile pages - when the website was reset recently the "works to commission" and "runs classes" options were set to the default of NO. In order to fix this could you email membership@sculptorsvictoria.asn.au with your correct information and we’ll gradually get the system in order. It is worth checking from time to time - we only found out this time because we had an inquiry from the public.

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