We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

Mudmakers Trail

 Dear Friends,

After such a long time of in and out of lock downs, I am very excited about shops finally being allowed to re-open soon, and that we will be allowed to go ahead with the Australian Ceramics Open Studios.We are a group of ceramic artists in the Ringwood, Croydon and Kilsyth area that supported by the Australian Ceramic Association got together to create the Mudmakers Trail.

Our studios will be open on 13 and 14 November from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. So, I would like to extend an invitation to all of you to come around, check out what we have been doing during this long isolation time, have a chat, ask questions, and even see a demonstration in some of the studios. We are 6 studios on the trail and 12 different ceramic artists. There will be lots of ideas for Christmas presents, and lots of all sorts of ceramics available to purchase.  It should be a good fun weekend. And for those who manage to visit all 6 studios they will have the opportunity to go into a draw to win a beautiful hamper of handcrafted ceramics. 

Attached is the invitation and the map. It would be lovely seeing everyone after such a long isolation time. 

Thank you all and hope to see you around soon.


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