We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

February Zoom Meeting

 Zoom Meeting at 7:30pm 10th February 2021
One big gain from having Zoom meetings is that sculptors in Regional Victoria can join us. Just please everyone remember we’ll be operating with all on mute unless they wish to speak, that way those with less signal strength get to hear what is going on. Details and a link will be sent to members closer to the date.
We have a lot to talk about - probably the most momentous is the postponement of MIFGS. We will be refunding entry fees to those who entered the exhibition already - then to decide what to do - perhaps instead or as a build up to our Annual & Awards Exhibition in June.
We can share our reactions to the current Herring Island exhibition - our first hybrid online and real life show. Did you see both versions? Can you give us feedback.
And what have you been doing as Covid restrictions eased and Summer gives us long days? Have you been part of the gradual opening up of exhibitions? Is your own studio back in the swing of work? Did you learn new skills over lock down?
And of course - who will be the President of the ASV in 2021? Who will take us forward on an ambitious program of sculpting and exhibiting sculpture? Hopefully we’ll find out on February 10th.

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