We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

The ASV Annual and Awards Exhibition 2016: Opening and Prize Presentation

The opening and prize presentation for the ASV Annual and Awards Exhibition for 2016 was held on August 9th. There was music, food and wine and a great crowd.

President Gillian Govan thanked all our supporters, including the building management at Bourke Place, the volunteer committee who worked so hard to coordinate the show and all the sculptors without whom there wouldn’t be a show. Matthew Harding congratulated the sculptors and presented many of the prizes:
"Warrior" by Anne Anderson

Meridian Foundry Prize judged by sculptor Bruce Armstrong and Jo Felstead Hill

first Anne Anderson’s “Warrior”
The judge’s comments: "Well formed and powerful subject, mixed scale adds to its dynamic strength."
second Elly Buckley’s “Solo”
"This beautifully referenced subject is both fluid and ‘harmonious’ "
"Solo" by Elly Buckley
"Rain Dance 2" by Gillian Govan
Dalchem prize judged by Darren McNicholl
Gillian Govan’s “Rain Dance 2”
"…the feeling of rain soaked clothes, the sense of freedom and release. Joy! Almost pure abandonment. Without using fine detail, the texture of the sculpture evokes a softness and vulnerability which I find very engaging…"

"Kanga Mask" by Wendy Reiss

CMP Stonemasons supplies – judged by sculptor Bruce Armstrong and Jo Felstead Hill.
Wendy Reiss for her “Kanga Mask”
"Both disturbing and reflective, powerful ‘materiality’ that conveys a distinct beauty."

Art Almanac Prize judged by Bruce Armstrong and Jo Felstead Hill
Elnaz Nourizadeh for her work: “The Eye”
"Highly original, clever use of ceramic in an unusual context."

"The Eye" by Elnaz Nourizadeh

The Tina Wentcher Medallion and Australian Design and Fine Art Society – Yarra Prize is judged by a panel of three judges. In 2016 the judges are Bruce Armstrong, Gillian Govan president ASV and Jo Felstead Hill member ASV. The prize is an encouragement to sculptors with fewer than ten years’ experience.

The prizes were presented by Caroline Travers OAM chair of ADFAS-Yarra

"Landing bee" by Chris McDonald
First Prize Chris McDonald’s “Landing Bee”
"Interesting use of materials, commanding scale and all aspects beautifully resolved."

Second Prize Yvonne Monik’s “Enchanted Spirit”
"Interesting references to other visual art practices, with a consistently detailed finish and execution."
"Enchanted Spirit" by
Yvonne Monik

And Highly Commended Todd Stuart’s “Tied”
"Dynamic form that is well resolved, it engages with its proximity to the ground."

"Tied" by Todd Stuart

"To Be or Not To Be" by Anne Anderson
The Margaret Gunnersen William Hoggan Thomas Award comprises a medallion commissioned by Margaret Gunnersen and made by Michael Meszaros and prize money provided by the Gunnersen family. This section is open to member sculptors with more than ten years’ sculpture experience.

The prize is judged on the vote of sculptors exhibiting in that section.

First Prize Anne Anderson’s “To Be or Not To Be…”

Second Prize Marija Patterson’s “Nature/Nurture”

"Nature/Nurture" by Marija Patterson

Highly Commended Michael Meszaros’ “Political Ambition”

"Political Ambition" by Michael Meszaros
The Annual Exhibition People's Choice Award was won by Gavin Roberts for "Excess Baggage"

"Excess Baggage" by Gavin Roberts

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