We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

Presidents' Comments


Hello and Seasons Greetings from the New ASV Presidents Team

Paul Cacioli (team leader) 

Gunnel Watkins and Bruce Webb


Firstly, we want to thank Gillian for her strong leadership and work she has done for the ASV. Gillian has been a great go-to person and has always provided friendship and support. Thankfully she is not  leaving us and will remain a sounding board and contributor to the new incoming president's team.


We also wish to thank and acknowledge the ASV committee who have done an amazing job throughout a challenging year. Their ongoing commitment and enthusiasm is inspiring.

Additions and changes to the team going forward include Anne Anderson who is taking over the membership position from Monica Mauer.  Carmel Ritchie and Gunnel Watkins have put their hands up for the newsletter. We welcome these new appointments and thank Monica and Jenny for their excellent contributions over many years.  


There has been a lot of discussion on how the ASV presents itself and as a team we are now looking at how we can modernize ourselves by upgrading our website, our newsletter and our social media platforms. We are also looking into providing more opportunities for members to network and exhibit their works. The other key area is that of increasing our membership with up and coming as well as established sculptors.


We will keep you informed of our progress and we look forward to your continued support and working closely with you.


It would be remiss of us not to acknowledge the difficult times many of us have faced during the past 2 years. We wish to end on a positive note. Speaking to many of the ASV members the lockdowns have given opportunities to redirect otherwise external energies into creating inspirational works and fuelling  passions. As artists, we can give ourselves the gift of creation which is a precious state of being.


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  

Hoping this festive season will be joyful for you all.

Your Presidential Team


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