We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

The Annual and Awards Exhibition

Lucy Mceachern
31. Powerful Owl by Lucy Mceachern
The show was great, the visitors appreciative and the coordinators are just catching their breath.... You can see all the images as photographed by Rob Anderson Photography on our website: http://sculptorsvictoria.asn.au/exhibitions/view_exhibition/2017-annual-and-awards-exhibition

The winner for Peoples Choice was Yvonne Monik - Radiance followed by Van Phu Le -Balance, Michelle Simnett - Dream to Conquer, Conquer to dream.

We sold 10 sculptures:
Christen Jo Stone - Leadbeaters or Logging
Graham Duell - Hey Diddle Diddle
Bruce Webb - Dart
Betty Knight - Diana
Mim Kocher - Melbourne Roof Top Pool
Aaron Jones - Acceptance and Commitment
49. Persephone by Jenny Whiteside
Aaron Jones - Shameless Refection
Marcela Olea - With Best Intentions
Lucinda Brash - Diving In
Julie White - Inclusion ?

The prizes were awarded as follows:

20. Carmen by Martin Goldin

The Margaret Gunnersen William Hoggan Thomas Award

The prize was judged on the vote of the exhibiting members:

First Prize: Powerful Owl 31. Lucy Mceachern
Second Prize: Persephone 49. Jenny Whiteside

Honourable Mention Carmen 20. Martin Goldin

The Andor Meszaros - Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society-Yarra Prize

Prizes judged by Gordon Morrison Director of the Art Gallery of Ballarat, Gillian Govan President ASV and Anne Anderson ASV

1st Prize – Domestic Divine 79. Allan Goedecke

This work appealed to the judges on multiple levels. While deceptively simple in terms of its component parts, the combination of a domestic dinner plate with a finely modelled and executed head created a witty composition that plays on Buddhist and Christian Iconography. The result is original, contemplative and compositionally intriguing.
Editor’s note: we have more information for an article about Allan but that will wait until the next newsletter.

79. Domestic Divine by Allan Goedecke

 2nd Prize Boab 81. Ismiadi Ismiadi

Constructed from discarded copper wiring, ‘Boab’ delivers a statement about sustainability but it is also an attractive and finely rendered homage to the tree form. We wondered about the potential for this work to take on different nuances as it weathered in the elements.

81. Boab by Ismiadi

Highly Commended With Best Intentions 101. Marcela Olea

We were impressed by the joyful use of polychrome glazes and exuberant form of this work, reminiscent of the expressive artistry of European ceramics of the 1960’s, such as work by Niki de Saint Phalle.
101. With Best Intentions by Marcela Olea

Meridian Foundry 1st Prize Powerful Owl 31. Lucy Mceachern

This rendering of the Powerful Owl combines, strength, grace and poise as well as being exquisitely finished with a pewter-like patina. The work stands comparison with monolithic figures of ancient Egyptian art.

Meridian Foundry 2nd Prize Totems (cellular forms) 13. Mark Cowie
13. Totems (cellular forms) by Mark Cowie

These elegant structures have an eye-catching appeal on account of the delicate and controlled balance.

CMP StoneMason Supplies Prize Lotus 7. Drasko Boljevic

While the inspiration for this work may be Brutalist architecture of the 1970’s, by combining a sure feel for his materials, as well as technical precision and an understanding or geometric forms, the artist has produced a strong and aesthetically pleasing work.
7. Lotus by Drasko Boljevic

Art Almanac Prize Bull’s Head (apologies to Picasso) 65. Laura Delaney

This simple and elegant work has a genuine and powerful presence, in spite of being made from discarded materials – itself a powerful statement about sustainability.
65. Bull's Head (apologies to Picasso) by Laura Delaney

94. Radiance by Yvonne Monik

The Dalchem Prize was won by Graham Duell for 70. Hey Diddle Diddle

70. Hey Diddle Diddle
by Graham Duell
Acknowledgements for the 2017 Exhibition
Coordinator Yvonne Monik
President ASV Gillian Govan
Graphic design Jonanthan Mendez-Baute
ASV Treasurer John Ride
website coordination, database management Jenny Rickards
sitting roster Anne Anderson
Set up of the show Michael Meszaros, Andrew Bryant
Traffic management for sculpture deliveries
Van Phu Le, Gordon Robertson & Graeme Duell
Catering for the opening Mandi Collins
Wine for the opening Pamela & Barry Saunders, Kooyonga Creek Winery
Music for the opening Hank Clifton Ensemble
PA technician Rowan Indrans
Judges for the ADFAS-Yarra Andor Meszaros Sculpture Prize Gordon Morrison, Gillian Govan and Anne Anderson
Photography for website records Rob Anderson
Our special thanks to the management of Bourke Place for making this superb venue available to us.

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