The Association of Sculptors of Victoria is an inclusive, not-for-profit collective of contemporary artists whose purpose is to inspire,stimulate and advance the appreciation, creation, and exploration of three-dimensional art in society.

President's Letter and Editor's Inspiration

“Sculpture is an art of the open air. Daylight, sunlight, is necessary to it, and for me, its best setting and complement is nature.”

Henry Moore

Hello to the last part of 2023! Many of you, like myself, are frantically finishing work for the McClelland Gallery Exhibition. The race is on with the deadline on 13th December. Unlike Douglas Adams we can’t appreciate the whooshing sound that deadlines make as they go by… to be late is to miss out in this case. And what an opportunity this coming exhibition will be! Here is the chance to strut our stuff on a prestigious stage and seek out new, appreciative audiences. The opening for our guest speaker’s exhibition at McClelland is coming up on 2nd December… check out the McClelland newsletter for details. John Meade’s exhibition will be a counterpoint to our “art of the object” approach to sculpture.

Dates for Your Diary

ASV Christmas Gathering  3rd Dec, 12:00 All are welcome!
If you are creative, you could become a little bit Christmassy?RSVP 27th Nov please
Bring drinks and something to share
Partners are welcome too
7 Lamorna Court Eltham 0414996207
Carmel Ritchie


Wednesday 13 December

Close of entries Form + Philosophy @ McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery
An exhibition of our work at McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery.


Just in case you hadn't noticed we are not participating in the Herring Island Summer Arts Festival 2024


Coming January 17 to 28, 2024

ASV will present “Form + Philosophy” - sculpture from living Victorian sculptors in all their diversity of philosophy, media and expression.

Monday 4 March 2024

Close of entries MIFGS 2024. The Melbourne International Flower and Garden. 
MIFGS 20th of March to the 24th of March 2024
Sculptors meet & greet

We still need some people to host this excellent casual time.
You choose the time so we can come and talk art !
We all love to talk about sculptures.
Please respond via email to ASV.
Thanks, your favourite Editor


 Annual and Awards Exhibition 2024

“I am happy to support a new coordinator. This is your exhibition and the highlight of ASV exhibiting year.

We need you. Please help out.” More hands = Light Work

If you are happy to take part please call Gillian Govan on 0412122884.

McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery

McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery is one of Victoria’s outstanding cultural assets.

The Gallery offers professionally curated exhibitions - always valuable for their thoughtful and perceptive takes on art and life in Victoria.

Feeling Sculpture

Helping others appreciate sculpture: A recent event from ART on the HILL

A recent event from ART on the HILL

I put a short post on Facebook and a lady contacted me almost immediately on Messenger. She has a client who is sight impaired.

He loves art, but galleries have refused to let him touch sculpture. This is his only way of seeing so has been very disappointed.

Social Media Update

The social Media team has been very busy with promoting ASV shows and calls for artists. But, did you know we are very happy to promote any information, and any image you provide, to promote you personally, or exhibitions/ open studios you are in??

Social Media is a way to get information out for free, to a wide public. The more interesting our page is, the more people will follow us- so it is good for the ASV to promote ALL our artists. And it’s good for you to promote yourself, your art, or your shows…

Other Opportunities and Interesting Art


Trails Sculpture Prize Portland 

entries open 6th Nov/ close 2nd Feb

Gallery Elysium

A new initiative launched by Sanciolo Art and Design Labs and Gallery Elysium. Aimed at visual artists who feel that they would benefit from mentorship and the opportunity to discuss their work to achieve a higher potential.

Please email: if you would like further information.

Starting Soon - 4 places remaining.

Bart Sanciolo |

Neerim Bower Sculpture Show

Members' News and New Members

Welcome to our new members, and a look at what some of the members have been doing locally...

Welcome to our three new members:

Paul Smith, Grant Flather and Alison Parkinson

It’s an exciting time to join the ASV. Hopefully we will all enjoy seeing your work at our upcoming exhibitions.


Open Studio Alphington

“ It’s Open Studios time again, I will be with Bridget Foley at 30 Smith Street, Alphington, this weekend 25/26 November and the following 2/3 December.

We have a new line up of artists this year with some regulars like Bridget and myself!