We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

President's Letter for August 2012

Another month has flown. In fact another ASV year.  Our Annual General meeting was held last Wednesday and I applaud all the members who braved the most appalling weather to be there.

 We met in a new venue, which was warm, comfortable and fairly central for all members. Have we found a resting place for a while?  I hope so. The AGM went well with the re-election of the committee plus new non-office bearing members. Thank you Suzanne Kaldor and Carmel Ritchie.  The meeting was followed by a very interesting talk by Michael Meszarros about pricing work and looking at some of the pitfalls of doing commissions.

The big challenge now for members and committee is getting the hang of the new website. It is really a pleasure to use but just takes a little time. While all the members will be on the website we ask you to log in and look at your profile and update it.  You never know. By having the right information on the site you may get a sale or commission.

Happy Sculpting
Gillian Govan

Gillian will be away from 4th to 20th September.

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