We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

Prizes at the 2019 Annual & Awards Exhibition

The announcement of the prizes and celebration of our annual exhibition was on Wednesday 31st July. The Events Centre at Collins Square was a great setting and the catering, music, and general ambience did the exhibition proud.

Our judge and guest speaker, Deborah Halpern rallied the sculpting tribe to support one another - in the face of censorship this time - but in general all the time.

Then followed the announcement of the prizes - accompanied by images on the Events Centre screen - very civilized!

Esther Goldberg "Ballet Dancer"
The Andor Meszaros Sculpture Prize
for both member and non member sculptors with fewer than ten years exhibition experience

Highly Commended

Esther Goldberg for her "Ballet Dancer"
This sculpture is masterful and expressive. The body flings itself back in a controlled and yet abandoned gesture. The work embodies the soul and the muscularity of a ballet dancer.

Graham Duell "Toroidal Bloom"
Second prize

Graham Duell: "Toroidal Bloom”

Mathematics can take us a wondrous journey. I enjoyed the playful, and skilful execution of this sculpture. It is organic, scientific, well-crafted, bewildering and amusing.
I look forward to seeing the mathematical formula from whence this work has sprung.

Andrew Bryant
"First Full Moon"

First Prize
Andrew Bryant "First Full Moon"
This sculpture has power and presence in its verticality, precariously balanced moon, and jaunty single leaf thrusting to the light.

From a distance the moon becomes a head on a dark body.

The three different elements are put together in a way that makes them work together, which is surprising and satisfying

Susie Ashkenazi "Relic"
Meridian Fine Art Foundry, Fitzroy

1st Prize
Suzie Ashkanazi: “Relic"

This powerful work of a fragment of a larger-than-life-sized head reminds me of the destruction of the beautiful buildings and sacred objects which we have lost recently in wars and acts of deliberate violence.

On one hand we cling to things as if they will be our salvation, and on the other the past brings to mind civilisations and events that we need to recall for the lessons that they hold

Bruce Webb "The Key"

2nd prize:
Bruce Webb: "The Key”

The work is elegant in its simplicity, and yet it reveals a complexity in the geometry of the forms.

The play of the positive and negative gives increasingly more to discover in this elegant, powerful work.

Art Almanac Prize

Tahani Shamroukh "A Labour"
Tahani Shamroukh: "A Labour"

This work requires one to work and to engage with it.

A cube of discarded work clothes, boots, money all glued together - simultaneously chaotic, organised, in one place, but unusable…

Whose are they? Why are they like this? Will they need them again? What sort of work did they do? These questions and more.

This is an intriguing work which poses more questions than it answers.

Paul Cacioli "The Hound"
Dalchem Prize

Paul Cacioli "The Hound"

I felt Paul's sculpture captured such a moment of fluidity, a litheness. I am always in awe when a sculptor can take a strong, cold material such as steel and transform it into a work which embodies the grace, warmth and gentleness of a moving animal. I found myself wanting to move around the work and enjoy the interpretation from all angles.

 Margaret Gunnersen William Hoggan Thomas Award
for sculptors with more than ten years exhibition experience.

This award is made on the vote of the exhibiting members - and this year it appears that voting was close:

Michael Meszaros "Smoulder"
Highly Commended
Michael Meszaros "Smoulder" and

Gillian Govan "So Tired"

Gillian Govan "So Tired"

Second prize
Bruce Webb "The Key"

Bruce Webb "The Key"

First Prize
Jenny Rickards "...at break of day arising..."

Jenny Rickards "... at break of day arising ..."
And on the last day - or slightly thereafter the count for the 
Peoples Choice Award 
was tallied - to give us two winners:
Drasko Boljevic for his "Baby" and Marija Patterson for "Waiting"

Drasko Boljevic "Baby"

Images of all work in the exhibition can be seen online: 

Marija Patterson "Waiting"

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