We cooperate as an association to advance the practice of sculpture and the reputation and appreciation of sculpture and sculptors in the community. This is regardless of whether or not we make a living from sculpture and regardless of our preferred style or medium. To this end we support artists’ moral rights, we advocate a professional attitude to the production and presentation of work and encourage the artistic and intellectual stimulation of interaction amongst artists of all persuasions.

ASV at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2012

Morning at MIFGS
This year’s ASV MIFGS Sculpture Exhibition was again located at the Central Boulevard in the Carlton Gardens, which is proving to be a high-profile site to exhibit three-dimensional works.
On many levels, the exhibition was a resounding success with tens of thousands of people streaming through the site and viewing the wide range of works on display. As a consequence of the large numbers of viewers through the site, sculptors were provided a unique opportunity to present and showcase their works before thousands and thousands of people.
Extensive feedback and favourable comments were expressed by countless viewers and numerous exhibiting artists who delighted in seeing the sculptures in such a beautiful and spacious setting.
There were a total of 120 exhibits across the three categories of entry produced by 59 sculptors. Of these, 16 works, worth approximately $20,000, were sold during the course of the exhibition. Congratulations to those sculptors.
The judge, Robert Hague, was suitably impressed by the quality and high-standard of work on display, and made very favourable mention of the variety of subjects presented and media utilised, as well as the different treatments displayed, and stated in his report. In coming to his decisions about the six prize-winners the judge also commended the works of many of the exhibitors.

The prize-winners were:

Section 1 – Carved Work:

Jenny Whiteside: "Grace"
First Prize –
Jenny Whiteside (‘Grace’);
Second Prize –
Anthony Kim (‘Hair’).

Anthony Kim: "Hair"
Mary Currin: "Orang Utang"
Betty Knight: "Rose"
Van Phu Le: "Dreaming"
High Commendations
were awarded to: Mary Currin, Betty Knight and Van Phu Le.

Section 2 – Formed Work: 

First Prize – Jake Mikoda (‘King of the River’);
Jake Mikoda: "King of the River"
Second Prize – Rachel Boymal (‘Gisella – Open Form’).
Rachel Boymal: "Gisella - Open Form"
Amy Cohen: "Echo"
Esther Goldberg: "Overalls #1"
Janice McCarthy "Hugo"
High Commendations were awarded to: Amy Cohen, Esther Goldberg and Janice McCarthy.

Section 3 – Fabricated Work:

Mark Cowie: "Currents"
Nicola Hoyle: "Horizon"
First Prize – Mark Cowie (‘Currents’);
Second Prize – Nicola Hoyle (‘Horizon’).

Alan Annells: "Reflection of Self"
Andrew Bryant: "Out of Tune"
Dave Dando: "Unicorn"
High Commendations were awarded to:
Alan Annells, Andrew Bryant and Dave Dando.

The ASV is indebted to its sponsors for their generous support of this year’s exhibition. The sponsors were:
• International Management Group ($1,500 prize-money plus in-kind support)
• Association of Sculptors of Victoria ($1250 prize-money)
• Dame Elisabeth Murdoch AC OBE ($1,000 prize-money)
• Bulleen Art and Garden ($250 gift voucher) – Meredith & Bruce Plain
• Art Exhibition Services ($250 prize-money) – Mark Cowie
• Art Exhibition Services ($100 PCA voter’s prize) – Mark Cowie
• Cedar Shed industries (installation and use of gazebo)
• Bulleen Art and Garden (supply of limestone for carving demonstrations) – Meredith & Bruce Plain

Martin Moore: "Snail Play - Racing Snails"
The People’s Choice Award proved to be very popular among visitors to the exhibition, with more than 10,200 votes being lodged of the 15,000 being distributed to viewers. The winner of the $500 PCA was Martin Moore with his interactive work ‘Snail Play (racing snails)’, which captured the imagination of the viewing public.

As in previous years, the carving demonstrations were an important component of the exhibition, with appeal and interest among the public continuing to grow. I would like to convey my thanks to Kevin Free, in particular for his organising of the demonstrations and his daily attendance, along with his cheery and dedicated band of carving demonstrators Jenny Whiteside, John Bishop, Richard Kloester, Meredith Plain and Bronwyn Lewis for generously providing their time and expertise. Individually and collectively these artists created such a wonderful opportunity for visitors to see carving and sculpting first-hand.

The numerous exhibitors who kindly volunteered their time to sit the exhibition are to be thanked. Your efforts, energy and enthusiasm all contributed to engaging the public more closely with the works on display over the course of the five days of the exhibition. I trust the interactions with the public were enjoyable.

I would like to convey my appreciation to, in particular, Jenny Rickards, for her unwavering and unconditional support and to Michael Meszaros, John Ride and Gillian Govan for their general assistance.

The Association was fortunate to have Robert Hague judge this year’s exhibition.
The International Management Group, the organisers of the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, are to be thanked for their sponsorship of our exhibition and for their support of sculpture and ongoing encouragement for the Association to be part of the annual Show. They have generously and professionally facilitated an opportunity for sculpture to be brought to the forefront of a prominent public event.

Mark Cowie
Curator, ASV MIFGS Sculpture Exhibition


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