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Email received through the website

Well here is a trap for young players – we've received an email through the website from someone wanting a “garden ornament”. Here is the email complete – any responding sculptor should beware of transgressing the original “artist's” copyright – but you never know – someone may be able to help out and give our correspondent a bit of an education in the process.

Hi, I have designed a display garden that will be displayed at the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show at the beginning of April. It is one of the finalist entries for the Flemings Student competition.
The key motif is the 'golden spiral' and includes a sculpture "Giant Nautilus", that I had sourced from garden ornament suppliers, that reflects this motif. Since then, to my horror, I have found that this sculpture is no longer available from its original Chinese source. Can you suggest if anyone locally might reproduce such a thing - or similar?
It has a total height of 173cm, including base, and is made of fibreglass. You can see an image of the piece I am after at http://www.thecompletegarden.com.au/products.asp?cid=25&pid=29394 and you can see a rundown of my garden design at the Flemings website at http://www.flemings.com.au/studentdesign/finalist_gary.htm
I have a budget of approx $1000


Gary Shadforth 0431 022 953

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