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Sam Jinks at Benalla

Benalla Art Gallery is featuring a collection of 6 works by Melbourne Sculptor Sam Jinks for the period 01 April to 11 May. One may emerge, shocked, at the contents of the large white room wholly devoted to Jinks at this specialist gallery.

On entering the room one is initially confronted with three large grey faces on a white wall. Eyes closed in repose or in death, the faces grow more arresting as one approaches them. Composed in resin, they emanate peace and mystery.

Rounding a wall in the centre of the room, one is not prepared for the three smaller than life size figures, each shown on a white wall. There is extraordinary attention to detail, maybe to a degree that will not be attained by any other sculptor this century. Pieta is a man sitting, cradling the naked and aged body of another – his father, or maybe hisfuture self. Soberly and peacefully the man contemplates the passing of life and the loss of the flesh. Source materials are mixed media, fiberglass, silicon and human hair. A second exhibit is another aged body, in stark and luminous nakedness, partly folded on bed linen. A third exhibit shows a half naked and aged standing female, heavily tattooed on her chest.

The gallery poses the question “How to mold a man in stone without petrifying him?” (Jean-Paul Satre), and Jinks provides one answer in his personal interpretation of reality.
Geoff Williams

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